The epidemiological situation in the world has made its own adjustments in all spheres of human life, and especially in the economy. Financial options for investing funds - currency and even gold - were under attack. At that time, there was practically no asset in which to invest safely, and then investors turned their attention to the "unpopular" asset class - cryptocurrency.

What is Theta? 

Theta is an open source blockchain protocol that allows developers and partners to build decentralized applications on the web. Theta was created by a professional team in 2018, with Steve Chen being the co-founder of Youtube. His involvement in the fate of THETA has become a key factor for many investors. THETA's official website lists strategic corporate investors such as Samsung NEXT, Sony Innovation Fund, media investors BDMI Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments, CAA Creative Artists Agency.

–°orporate investors
–°orporate investors

The streaming industry is one of the fastest growing areas of the Internet. According to some estimates, since 2016 it has grown from $ 30.3 billion to $ 70 billion.

The network runs on its own blockchain with two of its own tokens known as Theta (THETA) and Theta Fuel (TFUEL), which power the internal economy. Theta attracts three groups of users:

  • viewers are rewarded for better streaming service;
  • content creators increase their income;
  • video intermediary platforms - save money on infrastructure and increase ad and subscription revenues.

Users have an incentive to both watch online content and share network resources as the reward is provided in the form of TFUEL tokens. In addition to video, data and computation, Theta serves developers looking to run decentralized applications (DApps) on their fully functional EVM-compatible smart contract platform.

Theta cryptocurrency
Theta cryptocurrency

Where does Theta come from? 

When watching the video, the user gets THETA Fuel. These are digital coins that are transferred to other contributors who have contributed their video caching power.

Each user also becomes part of the decentralized network and participates in the distribution of content, for which he receives a reward in the form of THETA Fuel.

Platforms that want to get an audience to watch videos buy tokens to pay for user-provided resources, but they no longer have to bear the colossal costs of building and maintaining network infrastructure around the world.

How does Theta work? 

Decentralized video streaming platforms offer a new and improved way to deliver content. Thanks to the Theta crypto project, cheaper and faster broadcasts can be made. In the future, the platform can take the niche of such giants as YouTube and Twitch. The project runs on its own blockchain and has its own token.

Open source platform
Open source platform

What makes Theta unique? 

The goal of cryptocurrency Theta is to create the best decentralized network for streaming video, which will solve the main problems of the existing industry. Namely, high costs, low income for content creators, management of one body, poorly developed infrastructure.

Thousands of nodes and two-layer security (validators and custodians) make the Theta network more secure.

Where to buy Theta in Pakistan? 

The way to investing in Theta, first of all, must be chosen based on the amount of free time and money that you want to spend on making a profit. Those people who consider themselves to be newbies should not choose an exchange, since these options are more risky and require a lot of experience and understanding of the essence of cryptocurrencies. The best place to start is to buy Theta with CFDs. This is a popular form of trading that allows you to make money on price changes without owning them directly.

Buy Theta in Pakistan via CFDs does not require large investments, you just need free time. So go for it, successful bidding!

If you do decide to invest in Theta through an exchange, but you need to open a cryptocurrency wallet. The main thing when registering is to enter real data so that in the future there will be no problems with the withdrawal of funds. As soon as the account becomes active, you will need to fund your wallet.

How to start investing in Theta in Pakistan? 

The new mainnet Theta network aims to become a blockchain-based content delivery platform for streaming on the Internet. This is not surprising: the amount of video content consumed by the online audience is constantly growing. This applies to programs and broadcasts, both live and pre-recorded, broadcast via YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix and a number of other platforms. The next frontier in online streaming could be blockchain-based video delivery platforms.

Real economy, plus the possibility of simple monetization, as well as an effective and high-tech solution to a real problem, are the main reasons for THETA's success.

Benefits of investing in Theta cryptocurrency
Benefits of investing in Theta cryptocurrency

Pros of Investing in Theta in Pakistan:

  • The coin is needed to maintain the stability of the network of the same name, which provides high-quality and lightning-fast broadcasting of streaming video.
  • The project has its own blockchain. It produces coins of the TNT-20 standard.
  • The network provides high bandwidth. Coins can be used for fast transfers, including between crypto exchanges.
  • Coin can be mined through passive mining.
  • Limited emission allows you to control inflation and provides the prerequisites for a rise in the price of the coin. Another regulatory mechanism that maintains the stability of the rate is staking, since users freeze part of their coins.
  • Tokens have high liquidity and are traded on many exchanges. They can be quickly sold at market value.

Digital currencies are perhaps the most demanded asset for investment. If you are considering investing in Theta in Pakistan, these tips will help you make an informed choice.

Diversify your investments

Diversification is the key to any good investment strategy. Spread your investment across multiple currencies. By diversifying your portfolio, you will drastically reduce your risk of losing everything.

Don't be fooled by FOMO

FOMO is an important term in the crypto space that means "fear of missing out." This feeling is especially common when the value of a cryptocurrency rises significantly in a relatively short time. The problem with FOMO is that your investment decisions are based on emotion, not logic and reasoning. This can often lead to a situation where trades are made at an overvalued asset price, which is associated with much greater risks of financial losses.

When a cryptocurrency rises significantly in value in a relatively short time, you are already late. Entering FOMO is dangerous.

Be prepared for volatility

The cryptocurrency market is volatile, so be prepared for ups and downs. You will surely have to face dramatic price fluctuations. Start investing conservatively.

Investing in Theta is ultimately not a theoretical subject, but very, very practical. You can get a lot of information, attend seminars, read a lot of books, but the most important thing is to get hands-on experience. You will make some mistakes anyway, especially at the beginning, and they cannot be avoided. But it is important to learn from them in order to benefit from them in the future.

If you already have some money saved, start by investing a small fraction of it in cryptocurrency at Theta in Pakistan for a hands-on experience.

Is it safe to invest in Theta online? 

Theta cryptocurrency is created using blockchain technology. Blockchain describes a way to record transactions in "blocks" and timestamps. This is a rather complex technical process, but the result is a digital ledger of cryptocurrency transactions that is difficult for hackers to break.

Transactions require two-factor authentication. You may be asked to enter your username and password at the beginning of the transaction. You may then be required to enter an authentication code, which is sent as an SMS to your personal mobile phone.

Should traders invest in Theta? 

Now is by far the best time to invest in digital money. Every day, new cryptocurrencies and tokens appear, and more and more companies, users, investors and banks want to have the coveted electronic money. Meanwhile, Theta's perspectives are expanding every day. Theta cryptocurrency has carved out its niche in the world of financial assets that are gaining popularity. Electronic transactions, investments, trade and mining have already entered and established themselves in the global economy.

Theta Perspectives
Theta Perspectives

Is Theta a good investment? 

The growth in interest in investing in Theta is due to the following factors:

  • Great potential for growth, which makes it possible to rapidly and significantly increase their investments;
  • Declining confidence in the currency;
  • A "cryptocurrency boom" that attracted the attention of a large number of new investors in early 2021.

How to buy Theta right now?

In order to successfully start buying Theta in Pakistan via CFDs, you need to choose an online trading platform that suits your wishes and needs. Next, you need to register by providing your personal data and confirm the registration process. The procedure is standard without leaving home, come up with your password and create an account.

Register on the platform
Register on the platform

Don't gamble with living money or paying bills. This is the first step to big failure. Be systematic and stick to strategy and control risk. Try it and you will definitely succeed!

Demo account

After registration, you will have access to a free demo account. On it you can get acquainted with the appearance of charts, systems and instruments. All operations on it are carried out only with virtual funds, while the quotes and the trading process itself is identical to the real market.

You can start with a demo account or go straight to a live account
You can start with a demo account or go straight to a live account

Real account

To start buying Theta for real, you must fund your live account. Funding your account is very easy. To do this, select one of the deposit options offered by the system: by credit card or through one of the online electronic payment systems. Depending on the chosen method of replenishment, the money will be received from 5 minutes to 5 days.

Choose a convenient way to fund your account
Choose a convenient way to fund your account

To open a position, you need to place an order: a market order if you want to open a position immediately, or a limit order if you want to open a position at a specific price or better. The types of orders you can see at the time of placing them. After opening a position, you observe what is happening in the market in order to close your trade at the right time. So good luck!

Perfect money
The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose