What is Huobi Global? 

Huobi Global derivatives trading platform supports major crypto assets such as BTC, ETH and USDT. As a result, traders and investors can easily buy, sell, and liquidate their cryptocurrencies using these cryptocurrencies as trading pairs. Huobi Global Exchange offers amazing features that attract global investors, such as derivatives trading. Regarding the Huobi Global website, the company has designed its webpage to be user-friendly. In this way, users who are new to the exchange can easily surf the net with its clean and pleasant user interface. Huobi uses Huobi's high-security global international enterprise wallet service with digital currency. The platform itself is protected by an advanced level of DDoS mitigation and multi-factor authentication. These security measures allow us to provide a reliable and mature cryptocurrency exchange that combines security, reliability and convenience for its customers.

Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform
Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform

Leon Li is the founder and CEO of Huobi. Previously worked as a computer engineer at Oracle. Graduated from the Department of Automation at Tsinghua University and became a successful financial technology entrepreneur. Huobi Global exchange offers one of the most friendly user interfaces. Identity verification is not required to start trading, but it can be completed to increase withdrawal limits and gain access to additional features.

Key features:

  • Margin Trading Offers
  • Flexible payment methods
  • Clean and clear user interface
  • Available on Google Play Store and Apple Play Store
  • Support for a large number of trading pairs
  • Trading fees

Huobi Global derivatives in Pakistan are in demand among traders.

What are derivatives?

A derivative financial instrument is a contract by which both parties undertake or are given the opportunity to perform some action with the underlying asset.

A derivative financial instrument does not mean the asset itself (for example, a commodity) that underlies such a contract, but only the right to perform actions with this asset.

The formulation of the fact of separation in time of delivery and payment is of key importance for understanding the essence of derivatives. As confusing as the definition may sound, at their core derivatives contracts are simply prepaid transactions. And from this already follow various opportunities for buyers and sellers. For example:

  • Delivery of the underlying asset under this contract must take place without fail.
  • Or one of the parties, determined in advance, gets the opportunity to refuse to fulfill it if the economic conditions for this party are not favorable.

Derivatives are mainly used to hedge downside risks and protect the portfolio from high price volatility in crypto assets. This is an important aspect in attracting institutional interest in the crypto industry. Professional traders are always concerned about the overall exposure of a portfolio to risk events. Without a derivatives market, a professional trader holding a long position in a certain cryptocurrency will not be able to protect their portfolio from unexpected risk.

Huobi trading room
Huobi trading room

Moreover, derivatives can be used for the purpose of speculation. Speculation is trading operations with financial instruments on the exchange markets in order to earn on the price difference. The essence of speculative operations is the opportunity to get super profits, so they are an attractive way to earn money, despite the fact that they carry high risks.

Advantages of stock speculation:

  • potentially high income;
  • professionals have a stable income;
  • quick decision making skills are formed;
  • the opportunity to learn to think outside the box;
  • сmakes a person resistant to stress.

HT token

The HT token is an internal coin of the exchange, which was created in 2018. A total of 500 million coins were issued, which were distributed as follows:

  • 60% during the Airdrop through prepaid cards were received by already registered users;
  • 20% will be received by the platform development team (25 million tokens annually for 4 years);
  • 20% are used by the exchange for current operations.

This token operates on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20 standard). It allows its owners to receive a discount when paying fees if the commission is calculated using it. Every quarter, the site places orders to buy HT at the current settlement cost, taking into account its profit. This increases the liquidity of the exchange coin. Another significant benefit of owning HT is the ability to have a say in exchange decisions, including which new assets will be listed on the exchange. Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives trading is currently a common type of income.

HT token is coin of the exchange Huobi Global
HT token is coin of the exchange Huobi Global

How to trade Huobi Global derivatives in Pakistan?

Huobi Global derivatives trading can be carried out in a mobile application. And in order to buy or sell a digital currency, it is enough to place an appropriate order. To do this, you need:

  • Go to the "Exchange" tab.
  • Select the desired cryptocurrency.
  • Select a market.
  • Select an order type.
  • Click on the "Sell" or "Buy" button below.

The system will automatically find a buyer or seller and the transaction will be completed. Market orders are closed within a few seconds. The deadline for the execution of the limit order (with the desired price) depends on the realism of the set rate. It is possible to set a stop price on the exchange. Stop Limit orders are closed as soon as the price reaches the level you set. This feature is not available on all crypto platforms. If you do not have enough funds in your account, but you are sure that you are experienced enough to make money on a transaction, you can use leverage. The “Margin account” tab is available in the “Balance” window, the service also offers such a service. If there are $20 on the account, then you can take a “loan” of $100 as an option. To do this, you will need to open a separate account from which you can trade on credit. However, if the calculations are not justified, then the user will lose all funds. The system will automatically remove them from the currency account. If you are an experienced trader, you can try your hand at futures trading. This is a transaction between the seller and the buyer, which must be completed on a specified date, regardless of what the exchange rate is at that moment.

Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives in Pakistan are available for purchase now, don't miss this opportunity!

Huobi Global registration
Huobi Global registration

How to register?

Registration on Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform is absolutely free and takes a few minutes and in order to register an account you need to do the following:

  • Go to the Huobi exchange website and click the register button in the upper right corner.
  • Next, fill in the fields in the pop-up window, namely your email address, citizenship, create a complex password and click the checkmark to agree to the “user agreement”.
  • After all fields are filled in, click the Register button.
  • An email will be sent to the email address you previously provided. You will need to go to the mail, copy the confirmation code and paste it into the form. Please note that the email may be spam.

Huobi has verification available, which users can complete on their own. It can be useful for increasing the amount of cryptocurrency that is withdrawn from the exchange. Also, verification will significantly increase the level of account protection.

You can register now by clicking on the button below to benefit from the platform's features!

How to make a deposit?

In order to start trading and make a profit, you need to replenish your personal account. To transfer funds, you need to select the “Balance” section on the right side of the screen and find “Deposit & Withdrawal” in the drop-down list. By clicking on this item, the user will be taken to a page where there is a list of available cryptocurrencies. All assets that are traded on the exchange are also available for replenishment. Therefore, a trader can make a deposit in the cryptocurrency that he has available. For this, a unique crypto wallet address is used. It can be copied to the clipboard or saved by scanning the QR code. The minimum deposit amount for a particular currency is indicated at the bottom of the page.

In the case of BTC, this is 0.001 bitcoin. For other currencies, the minimum deposit amount is different and depends on their market value.

As a result, to replenish the account, you must perform the following steps:

  • select the desired digital currency;
  • click on the "Deposit" button on the right side of the page;
  • copy the cryptocurrency address and transfer funds to it from another wallet.
Benefits of  Huobi Global
Benefits of Huobi Global

Huobi Global derivatives list 

Don't hesitate to buy Huobi Global crypto derivatives in Pakistan, because this acquisition will be a profitable investment of funds!

As previously mentioned, there are many trading instruments available on this exchange for good earnings.

In the case of margin trading, you need to understand that this is a pendulum that makes an equally strong movement both in the direction of profit and in the direction of loss of funds. Borrowed funds allow you to buy more cryptocurrency for trading. But in case of an error in the forecasts, the losses will also be significant. With illiterate work with the market, using a margin, you can quickly lose a tangible amount.

The amount of credits for digital assets that the User can claim depends on the principal amount on the account and the leverage that is a multiple of the Platform. For example, if the Platform sets a leverage that is a multiple of the cross leverage as 5, the User can theoretically borrow digital assets that are 4 times the main one. However, due to factors such as margin and credit adjustment factors, the actual leverage multiplier for the User may not be equal to 5.

The Platform will calculate the User’s current maximum leveraged loan amount based on the maximum amount that the User can borrow for cross leverage, an adjustment factor for loans of a particular type of token, the Platform’s risk control rules, and other restrictions. In order to ensure the safety of assets, the Platform has the right to adjust the adjustment factor for digital asset loans and the type of tokens that can be borrowed, subject to announcements issued by the Platform from time to time. After borrowing a leveraged loan, the borrowed digital assets will be immediately transferred to the User’s leveraged cross account, and the system platforms will start charging immediately. The user may use borrowed digital assets to trade using leverage in pair trading allowed by leveraged cross trading.

Grid trading is a trading strategy where users can automatically buy low and sell high in a certain price range through a program. In the volatile market of digital assets, the use of network trading allows to avoid erroneous trading decisions caused by the human factor to a greater extent. The network trading robots will help users to strictly implement the user strategy of low buy and high sell trades. Users are allowed to manually set grid parameters such as upper/lower limit, grid number, invested digital assets and so on.

Huobi Global derivatives products
Huobi Global derivatives products

Huobi Coin margin swaps are a kind of digital currency derivatives. Users can profit from rising/falling prices of digital currencies by going long or selling short based on their own judgment. Like the margined spot market, its price is close to the price of the underlying reference index. The main mechanism for fixing spot prices is the cost of funds. Coin Margin Swaps do not have a delivery date. Users can always keep it. Coin Margin Swaps are calculated every 8 hours. After each calculation, the realized profit/loss and unrealized profit/loss are transferred to the user's account balance.

Perpetual swap transactions 24/7 hours. Currently, the calculation is made every 8 hours, and the calculation occurs in three time periods 00:00, 8:00 and 16:00 (GMT+8). The transaction will be terminated during the settlement period. The amount of time to abort a transaction depends on the time-consuming calculation of the system. Interruption and recovery of perpetual swaps are differentiated by variety, that is, if a variety of BTC is still settled and other varieties of digital currency have been settled, then other varieties of digital currencies may resume trading first. Huobi Global crypto derivatives trading types can be divided into opening and closing positions. Each type can be further divided into two directions, long and short: Going long means that users buy a certain number of contracts when the index is bullish. When a trade is made, long positions will increase. Closing a long position means that users are exiting the market, offsetting their own buy contracts when the index is not bullish. When a trade is made, long positions will decrease. An open short position means that users sell a certain number of contracts when the index is bearish. When a trade is made, short positions will increase. Closing a short position means users are exiting the market, offsetting the sell contract currently held when the index is not bearish. When the trade is made, short positions will decrease.

The perpetual swap supports 1x, 2x, 3x and higher leverage respectively, and the highest leverage supports 200x.

Huobi futures accepts spread delivery. When futures expire, all open positions will be closed at the arithmetic average price of the last hour based on the index, not physical delivery. digital currency. Each future represents a certain amount of digital currency. The face value of a BTC future is $100, and the minimum price change in the order book is aggregated to $0.01.

Huobi Global trading platform is  available in convenient mobile App
Huobi Global trading platform is available in convenient mobile App


The Huobi cryptocurrency exchange is known all over the world. It is a global ecosystem for traders with different experience and goals, to achieve which they have a whole range of effective tools. At the same time, the team does not stop working on the development of the platform, improving its technological base, expanding the list of currencies and offering new earning opportunities.

The main advantages of Huobi Global crypto derivatives trading platform include:

  • a global trading platform, the functionality and capabilities of which are constantly evolving;
  • high professionalism and independence of the blockchain assets evaluation system;
  • the ability to use all the functionality of the service, regardless of the operating system used;
  • significant experience in risk control and security of digital tangible assets;
  • specialized and unique system of protection against hacker attacks.

We wish you successful trading!

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