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Even before the emergence of cryptocurrencies, many of the shortcomings of electronic and bank payment systems had not been identified. They were simply not compared to the capabilities of decentralised systems. At the time, there was speculation: an alternative payment system would probably have many more merits, so the market would have accepted it even if it had been decentralised. Among the advantages of the envisioned payment system were, without fail:

  • no transaction fees;
  • possibility of use by anyone;
  • reliability: virtual currency cannot be hacked, counterfeited or manipulated in any other way - it is reliably secured;
  • anonymity of transfers.

That is, a decentralized payment system would give users complete freedom, bypassing the conditions of the world's financial banks.

The term "cryptocurrency" first began to be used in 2009. The term became widespread after an April 2011 Forbes article by Andy Greenberg called "Crypto Currency".

Today, virtual currencies are becoming as much a medium of exchange as cash and non-cash. Government regulation and recognition of virtual currencies in various countries has made information about them publicly available. It is believed that in the not too distant future, it may stand on a par with the world's currencies, the euro and the dollar. Along with the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, this market is also growing due to the creation of thousands of new ICO projects (ICO "initial coin offering" - a form of raising investments by selling a fixed number of new cryptocurrency units to investors), which raise billions of dollars to introduce cryptocurrencies to solve people's everyday problems.

The topic of our review is investing in Dogecoin in Pakistan.


Dogecoin is the most unusual player in the cryptocurrency market. DOGE was created in 2013 by programmer Billy Marcus and engineer Jackson Palmer in the form of a joke. The action took place during Bitcoin's first big boom, in 2013. Back in 2013, the developers of DOGE did not even have the goal of profiting from the creation of this cryptocurrency. On the contrary, Dogecoin's main goal was to demonstrate the comical attitude of users towards how cryptocurrencies that don't really stand out or deserve any attention suddenly become popular.

One day in Portland, Billy Marcus tried to program his own cryptocurrency, which would be completely different and yet closer to people. But the project unfortunately went nowhere. He later stumbled across, just a day or two after Palmer launched the site, and tweeted him that he would like to get involved. So, Billy Marcus became Palmer's partner, taking over code development. It was Billy Marcus who endorsed Jackson's idea of making the then-famous Shiba Inu dog, which captivated the internet in 2013, the face of the cryptocurrency.

The DOGE meme is a picture of a Shiba Inu dog surrounded by captions that depict the dog's inner monologue.

How to invest in Dogecoin?
How to invest in Dogecoin?

Dogecoin created thousands of new millionaires in early 2021. Dogecoin is up 7150% since the beginning of 2021. DOGE hit an all-time high of $0.73 in early May, rising 18150% since the beginning of the year. To date, the cryptocurrency has a market capitalization of about $39 billion.

A fun and friendly internet currency, DOGE is a medium that can be used to purchase goods and services. The Doge user community is very strong when it comes to using it as a medium of exchange. Current market trends, technical analyses and expert opinions prove that Dogecoin is a good investment option. It brings great returns to its investors.

Is Dogecoin worth investing in Pakistan?  Definitely yes. The main advantage of investing in Pakistan is the prospect of growth. This cryptocurrency behaves unpredictably, but it is because of its volatility that it deserves more attention. You can potentially make good money by investing now. To trade this coin successfully, we recommend keeping track of Ilon Musk's tweets. As long as the head of Tesla shows interest in DOGE, the cryptocurrency could see high growth.

How do I start investing in Dogecoin in Pakistan?

Before you decide to invest, decide on your financial goals. It is important to prioritise and assess the value of your desires. If you're wondering how to invest Dogecoin in Pakistan, you can rest easy - the process is simple. Thanks to modern technological advances, cryptocurrency can be purchased through digital contracts.  

Information about Dogecoin
Information about Dogecoin

The cryptocurrency's reputation reaches new heights every day. The trust of users is also growing. Firstly, the expansion of cryptocurrency usage (also at the governmental level) contributes to this. Secondly, major online retailers are now accepting the digital currency. This allows it to develop further at a rapid pace. The availability of digital currency is increasing: there is a rapid installation of street money machines to make payments. Learning about cryptocurrency and its benefits is a major concern for investors. Once you know the benefits of investing in Dogecoin, you need to think about the process of buying digital money. 

Popular cryptocurrency
Popular cryptocurrency

Investing in Dogecoin is the right choice. In your account, you can safely store, trade and profit from the digital currency. Later on, when you figure out how to invest in Dogecoin, you can choose a strategy for yourself.  There are two main strategies - short-term and long-term. You can invest in Dogecoin over the long term. This involves keeping DOGE in your account and waiting for them to grow.  With this long-term strategy, the investor will wait for constant growth to earn more. This option can lead to a higher cash investment and a longer expectation of profit. The short-term strategy is used by many traders. You can use it to make profitable trades until the price starts to fall. In order to use this strategy, you don't need to go deep into the study of the cryptocurrency you are interested in. You just need to look at the latest news that could affect its value and determine if the investment is profitable. 

If you are interested in a short-term strategy, it is worth learning about the concept of CFDs.  With CFDs, one party pays the other the difference in price between the time the trade is opened and the time it is closed. CFDs allow you to profit from fluctuations in the value of the underlying asset. With CFD trading, you will speculate on the digital currency without taking ownership: you simply buy when the price is low and just starting to rise, and sell when it rises to a high and starts to fall.

Dogecoin trading conditions
Dogecoin trading conditions

How to buy Dogecoin in Pakistan?

The most common question newbies ask is "where do I start?". A trading platform in Pakistan is a good option for beginners. Such an online platform provides different types of trading for trades between traders directly or through a broker. This allows you to trade remotely from any location. Modern platforms in Pakistan provide features such as trading charts, trading indicators, and quotes. 

In order to buy Dogecoin in Pakistan, you need to Open a trading account in Pakistan - it's easy and free. Your broker will guide you step by step through the process. It is easy and free to open a trading account in Pakistan. Your broker will guide you step by step through the process.

How to sign up?

Modern trading platforms are simple and easy to register.  Once you have chosen an online trading platform, you need to register with it.  To sign up for the platform you will need to follow a few simple steps:

  • To create an account, visit the broker's website, go to the "registration" section.
  • Fill in a simple registration form: you need to provide details such as your username and your contacts: email, mobile phone number.
  • Confirm the registration with the link you receive to the email you specified or enter the code you receive in the SMS on your mobile phone (you can see the social network icons on the registration page). 
Registration on the platform
Registration on the platform

How do I open a demo account?

You do not have to open a real account right away. For practical training, the trading platform provides for a demo account. To start trading on the online platform, it is advisable to open a demo account. A demo account is a free practice account. It will give you a chance to see how the investment market works. The system will automatically offer you a certain amount of dummy funds so you can make your first trial trades without the risk of losing your real money. The amount of fictitious money in your demo account will be enough to make various test operations. 

The importance of a demo account cannot be overestimated. A demo account is an exact replica of a real account. By using a demo account you can clearly see how the platform works: how to buy or sell stocks, how to activate a particular option, and so on. 

Open a demo or real account
Open a demo or real account

How do I open a live account?

Once you have understood how the CFD trading platform in Pakistan works and the demo account has taught you how to use the trading platform, you can move on to a live trading account. Once you are on the trading platform, you can request to open a live account to trade with real money. To do so, you will need to fill out some simple forms with your personal details, and provide proof of identity and your residential address.

Select the "Open a Live Account" option and then provide the required details.

You can set a Stop Loss which will limit your losses when the price reaches a predetermined level. 

Remember that you can trade CFDs on the platform with leverage. Leverage gives you the opportunity to make large profits. The amount of leverage is usually set when a trade is opened.

How do I make a deposit?

The trading platform allows you to quickly make deposits and withdrawals from your trading account at the broker's website. You can make a deposit at any convenient time. Until then it will be inactive. You can make a deposit to your brokerage account by transferring your bank card (including payroll card) as well as by using popular online payment systems. 

Most platforms cooperate with reliable and convenient payment systems such as Visa, MasterCard and electronic payment systems WebMoney, Perfect money, Skrill and others.

Top-up your real account
Top-up your real account

How do I withdraw my money?

Want to withdraw your money? It is very easy. Withdrawal is done using the same tools as when you make a deposit. 

If you are going to invest in Dogecoin in Pakistan, you need to choose the right trading platform. You need a flexible trading platform that suits all your personal needs. Trading nowadays is not a simple process. So a reliable and clear platform will make your life as simple as possible so that you can focus on your actions.

As mentioned above, a good feature of reliable platforms is the availability of a demo account and a number of additional features that make you more comfortable and productive. These include statistics, news, a useful training section, information blocks, a "market analysis" section, and so on. 

We hope that our tips will help you choose the best trading platform for investing in DOGE. You can test the platform today by opening a free demo account. Register on the platform, try, trade! May all your operations bring you great profits and enjoy the trading process!

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