For quite a long period of time, the financial market has been experiencing problems associated with constant fluctuations in exchange rates. For consumers, this is not always good, but what if you say that the user can seriously earn on currency races? Of course, for sure, many have already heard about this, but few people know how it really works. Today, a modern and simple IQ Option trading platform will allow the investor and trader to profit from predicting the ups and downs of well-known monetary currencies and shares of the largest companies.

IQ Option is not, first of all, some complex financial instrument, but a trading platform that is much faster and simpler than most of the exchanges on the market today. For popular Android and iOS mobile operating systems, IQ Option comes in the form of user-friendly applications with an intuitive user interface that make trading in the market easier than ever. Moreover, unlike competitors, IQ Option has several extremely useful features that will help you master this type of income as options trading.

IQ Option trading platform
IQ Option trading platform

Most users compare trading instruments with something incredibly complex and incomprehensible. In a word, it seems to them that it is as if a completely different world, into which you need to go headlong and understand in detail every little thing. The IQ Option platform stands out from all its competitors and offers the simplest and most convenient trading with just one application for a mobile device.

What is the IQ Option mobile app?

IQ Option has been on the market for quite a long time and maintains the status of one of the best among competitors. With such high ratings from users, it is indispensable for a broker to have an excellent trading terminal and the convenience of withdrawing profits from the site. What the site undoubtedly corresponds to, as well as on it you can find all the necessary services for trading, which provide the opportunity to have a constant profit from user manipulations.

An important and almost indispensable part of the site is the presence of an application for mobile phones. Since IQ Option has been operating on the market for quite a long time (since 2014), the application can already be considered fully developed and stable, which proves that the application of this online broker can be considered the best in binary options trading and not only. Also, trading in shares, fiat money, digital money is available from the user's mobile phone, as well as trading using the CFD method (contact for price difference).

Despite the fact that using the standard version of the site using a personal computer or a web browser is already considered the most simplified option, IQ Option was able to further simplify it to use on smartphones, while not inferior in efficiency to the official version.

IQ Option mobile app
IQ Option mobile app

The application of this trading platform has already established itself among users on all continents. The reason for this is very simple, easy to understand interface appearance. The user can easily navigate the settings and functions of the smartphone application.

Investors and traders all over the world give their preference to IQ Option due to the convenient and affordable options trading due to the huge number of tools that do not create restrictions for the various trading strategies that the user uses.

Also, the platform is a great find for a novice investor, as it provides favorable conditions for trading. For example, such as a small minimum deposit to start trading, and besides this, the broker provides each user with a free practice account, and it is also worth noting a lot of educational materials.

A training account can be opened directly on the mobile application and used at any convenient time for the user. This gives newbie investors or traders the opportunity to learn the basics of trading and gain first experience before they start investing in trading.

Use the demo in the mobile app
Use the demo in the mobile app

 Terminal functionality in the application

The user can download IQ Option mobile app and install it in a couple of minutes, and then immediately proceed directly to trading. The investor must appreciate that in a compact smartphone, the application terminal has the ability to fully control all fluctuations in the price of the selected asset and provides the opportunity to use a huge number of tools provided, while the mobile phone screen will not be overloaded.

IQ Option mobile app offers security and vast choice of assets
IQ Option mobile app offers security and vast choice of assets

A user who decides to use mobile trading to generate income must have at hand a huge number of assets that are available on IQ Option (more than 300 assets, including raw materials, stocks, currency pairs, digital money and others).

Also for the IQ Option mobile application, technical indicators are available that allow the user to more accurately and correctly assess the direction of price movement.

The application does not differ much from the official version of the terminal, the developers even used the same color scheme, in addition to the presence of all the functions already familiar to users. This was done so that an investor or trader, moving from one terminal to another, would not waste precious time searching for the necessary functions, but would immediately start trading. The essential difference is only in the screen size, but the graph in the terminal of the smartphone application can be easily enlarged or reduced with a simple gesture of connecting or disconnecting two fingers on the screen.

So the online broker IQ Option offers in its application a set of options familiar to the user, which allows you to be able to open transactions at a professional level.

Also, for users of the IQ Option mobile app, round-the-clock technical support is available, to which an investor can contact in a language convenient for him. This is all that makes the terminal in the application, almost a complete copy of the terminal on a personal computer or in a web browser.

What are the features of the app IQ Option?

The most important thing to note is the functionality of the terminal in the mobile phone. Wherever the user is, on a trip abroad or on vacation, he can access his portfolio at any time. At the same time, it is not easy to control open transactions, but also to be able to open new ones.

When the user finishes downloading to his smartphone, a multifunctional terminal will appear at his disposal along with a personal account, located in one application. The terminal will make it possible to conduct various analyzes of price movements and successfully open and close transactions, and the account will allow transactions to withdraw profits, replenish the account, and also provide the user with the opportunity to use customer support on technical issues.

How to install and download IQ Option on a mobile phone?

There are two very easy ways to download the application. The first one allows an investor or trader IQ Option mobile app download directly from the official website of the online broker. To do this, you need to open IQ Option, find the desired tab in the top menu bar and select the version that is suitable for the user's mobile phone, and then start using the application.

Alternatively, the user needs to use a download application on a smartphone. The most famous of them are Google Play and the App Store. IQ Option will install on your mobile phone without any difficulty, because this process is no different from downloading any other applications and games.

Download IQ Option mobile app will not be difficult for any user, because it is a simple and straightforward process.

IQ Option offers fast withdrawal
IQ Option offers fast withdrawal

System requirements for Android and iOS

The developers have made every effort to ensure that the application is available to all users, wherever they are.

The sheer number of features available to the user in a functional application have no impact on the performance of the application. The platform allows investors and traders to work quickly and efficiently in the application on any device.

A trader or investor can install the application with minimal technical requirements. Device download is available on any mobile phone with iOS version 12.1 and Android version 5.1, as well as models with versions above.

Aplikasi IQ Option untuk smartphone
Aplikasi IQ Option untuk smartphone

The developers of the application have tried to make the most functional application for users, which has no negative qualities, allowing the investor or trader to enjoy convenient and functional trading, wherever he is.

When working in the IQ Option application, the user will receive a quality service and will be able to use all the necessary tools and indicators to analyze the price movement and open a profitable transaction with minimal risks. Using various strategies that give daily or weekly profits.

If a novice trader cannot decide on the choice of an online broker, then he should pay attention to IQ Option. Because no one site does not provide such a number of successful opportunities in obtaining active or passive income.

Many investors and traders have already made their choice in favor of IQ Option, and are satisfied with their choice and the quality of the site.

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