In the modern world, every day, trade in the market is developing more and more. Many people prefer to earn income from the comfort of their homes or to earn additional income in addition to the salary at their main place of work. All this has become available with the help of online brokers and the platforms they provide.

Online trading has been gaining popularity for quite a long time and is known for its ability to bring daily profits, in all corners of the planet. Many people are interested in and earn through investing and trading everywhere, gradually improving their skills and increasing their income.

One of the most popular, licensed online brokers is IQ Option, which has been operating since 2014. The platform of this online broker allows you to start trading without having any experience in trading and investing, thanks to the availability of a lot of educational material and an unlimited practice account.

But many users have a question, why is such a popularity of a regular online broker? And there is a very reasonable explanation for this. Trading on the site of the online broker IQ Option is available to absolutely any user, due to the allowable initial deposit. A low deposit amount allows users not to deposit a huge amount of funds into the account, but to gradually increase the margin on their own in the process of making transactions.

The principle of the deposit is quite simple. It is worth starting with the fact that experts do not advise making transactions with a deposit risk higher than 1-2%. And at the same time, the larger the size of the deposit, the greater the amount of entry into the transaction, therefore, the profit will be greater.

Many users believe that replenishing an account is a rather long process with high commissions, but this is not so. IQ Option provides an easy deposit and withdrawal of funds from the user's personal account, which also attracts investors and traders.

IQ Option Online Trading Platform
IQ Option Online Trading Platform

Everything you need to know about the deposit

Online broker IQ Option is popular and respected by many users. The popularity of the site is directly related to the accessible trading provided to users, which is understandable even to beginners in the field of investing.

All this is due to simple management in the terminal, round-the-clock technical support, which is available in many languages, an accessible training block, a variety of trading instruments, as well as ease of deposit management.

How to deposit in iq option? 

To do this, the user first needs to go through the registration process and create an account. The user needs to visit the official website of the online broker IQ Option, where on the main page he can click on the “Start Trading” or “Registration” button, in both cases a tab will open to create a personal account.

You only need to fill in a few fields, including an email address, as well as come up with a password. It is important to remember that the user should not disclose his password to strangers, in order to protect his funds and data. After that, a confirmation letter will be sent to the specified email address, the link from which you need to follow in order to complete the registration process.

After the end of registration, many functions of the site become available, for example, such as a training account. The user can try out the site before he starts real trading.

Registration page
Registration page

After creating a personal account, on the main page of IQ Option, the user will be able to find the "Verification" function. It is necessary to go through each item, since without it a real account will not be available to the user. Verification items contain email confirmation, personal data, and so on. Verification itself is carried out to improve the security of the user's portfolio from scammers and hackers. So funds and personal data will be safe.

When the registration and verification processes are completed, you can proceed to how to deposit in iq option. This can be done both from the main page of your personal account, and from through the terminal. On the main page, you need to select the "Deposit Account" item, after which the necessary tab will open.

The user has access to a large number of replenishment, a variety of ways. Such as, for example, various electronic funds transfer systems, bank transfers, payment using bank or credit cards. This diversity is due to the developers' attention to the convenience of investors and traders who use IQ Option.

Having chosen the best method for himself, the user determines the currency that will be used during trading, it is worth noting that this choice can be made only once.

As soon as a convenient currency is selected, the user can proceed to replenish the account. He can use templates or manually enter the required amount, after which, after confirming the transfer, he can expect replenishment. This process does not take much time, and therefore you can start trading almost immediately.

Top up your account
Top up your account

The choice of the size of the deposit is just as important. The user of the site of the online broker IQ Option should not replenish the account with all the funds available to him. It is necessary to start with the amount, in case of loss of which, the user of the site will not feel financial difficulties. It is always worth remembering the risk when trading, which is present due to uncontrolled market volatility.

The IQ Option online broker platform is equipped with all possible tools to secure entry into transactions and prevent the loss of funds of its users. Thanks to this, for beginners in trading, the IQ Option online broker can be considered one of the best. The small size of the initial deposit, the convenience of registration, the strengthening of account protection, all this is done for the sake of security.

To secure your trades, use stop orders
To secure your trades, use stop orders

Advantages of the IQ Option online broker platform

Finding out how to deposit in iq option is not difficult, just like deciding on its size. It is much more difficult to carry out safe trading. To do this, on the site of the IQ Option online broker, there is an unlimited training account, many auxiliary tools, price movement analysis indicators, as well as an equally important block with training materials that allows beginners to quickly adapt to the site.

Benefits of the IQ Option Platform
Benefits of the IQ Option Platform

Availability of training account on the trading platform

An unlimited practice account is a demo version of the terminal itself, which allows the user to get acquainted with all the available functions of the site before starting real trading.

This feature is called "Demo account", it is available immediately after registration. A demo account gives the user fictitious funds at his disposal, with which he can enter into transactions and trade without using his own funds. A practice account helps the user to work out a trading strategy that is more suitable for the selected asset.

The list on the site of the IQ Option online broker contains more than 300 assets, including currency pairs, indices, digital currency, stocks, precious metals and much more. This allows experts to switch to IQ Option without changing the usual asset to receive income, as well as to choose a more suitable one for a beginner, focusing on the volatility of the asset and the interest of the user himself.

Choose an account
Choose an account

Training block at the IQ Option platform

The training block is mainly used by beginners. It includes video tutorials that are available in multiple languages. As well as educational articles in which the future expert will find a lot of interesting information about assets, a practice account, trading instruments, and leverage.

The convenience lies in the fact that using materials from the training block, the user can simultaneously practice new knowledge on a training account.

On the platform you will find free educational videos
On the platform you will find free educational videos

Available Tools

Price movement analysis plays a big role in making successful transactions and allows you to reduce losses up to 5% of the deposit. All possible lines available to the trading terminal allow the user to mark important moments on the chart, such as the formation of trends (continuous rise or fall in prices), the designation of figures, after which the price has a certain direction.

The tools also include various indicators, with the help of which the user can determine the best time to enter a trade. Indicators have a difference and not everyone is suitable for a certain asset. This topic should be carefully studied and analyzed before being applied in practice.

IQ Option indicators
IQ Option indicators


IQ Option has already been chosen by many users due to the many conveniences and comforts in trading. It is important for an investor and a trader to use the IQ Option online broker platform responsibly, learn and hone their skills and trading strategies. All that remains to be done now is to register, spend some time learning and make a deposit. 

Discover an easy way to increase your income without leaving home! 

Frequently asked Questions

How to deposit on IQ Option?

In order to replenish the account, the user needs to register and pass verification, after which it remains to follow the desired link.

The minimum deposit amount at the IQ Option online broker is $10, which makes trading accessible to a huge number of users who cannot afford a deposit of $100-500 (the average amount for many online brokers).

If this problem occurs, the user should try to change the browser used, as well as check the specified country in personal data, if these options do not fix the problem, then you need to contact technical support and follow the further instructions.

With the help of this electronic payment system, the user can replenish the account.

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