What is IQ Option for Windows?

Successful trading and earning on different exchange-traded assets directly depends on the platform you choose for your trading - this is true for any market. New brokers with different offers are appearing, providing services, which differ in functionality, possibilities of withdrawal and replenishment of the balance. The iq option for pc windows application includes the most necessary features, which will undoubtedly prove useful for you. 

You can download iq option for windows for free and use a demo account at the initial stage. It is very convenient. Take advantage of the offer! You have nothing to lose, but gain experience and knowledge!

IQ Option is a leading broker with optimal conditions for online trading. A stylish, simple and functional trading application, professional technical support and reliability - these are the reasons why the company is trusted by millions of traders around the world. Founded in 2013, the company quickly started to gain momentum in the market and took the leading position in a short period of time.

Choose an asset for investment
Choose an asset for investment


Trading application iq option for windows PC is one of the most functional. You have all available features in one window:

  • Select an asset.
  • Addition of indicators: there are more than 30 types, each has individual settings.
  • The insertion of graphical elements.
  • Ability to switch between accounts: real/virtual.
  • Recharging and depositing funds on the account.
  • Training.
  • Live chat with traders.

The main advantage of this application is its high speed. There are no delays in receiving quotes, no freezes when opening or closing trades.

The interface of the terminal is the clearest among similar programs. There is no need to switch between different tabs. There is one-click access to any settings, opening of deals and instruments.

After completion of a deal, all the charts are saved in the system, and you can return to them at any time, review and analyze them, and identify the strategy. You can continuously learn and improve your results.


A great function that is undoubtedly important for a trader is multi-activity. The iq option offers its users a range of trading tools. These include:

  • More than 150 stocks of global companies.
  • 20+ currency pairs for forex trading.
  • Several types of cryptocurrencies (list is constantly growing).
  • Stock indexes, ETFs.
  • Commodities: gold, silver, oil.
  • Options.

Such a large set allows you to make trading more comfortable. Beginners may choose to trade well-known assets, while professionals may trade more complex commodity pairs.

The minimum deal size is only $1! This is a great opportunity to learn how to trade with little capital. 

The newsfeed in the iq option for windows pc application helps you to make informed and correct decisions. News of economic events is right at your fingertips. There is no need to open the financial news portal separately, all the news is available in real time, right on the website, under the "Quotes" section. Particularly great for technical analysts, the news analysis multiplies your deal success rate.

Read the latest news in your app
Read the latest news in your app


Distinctive features of the application are:

  • High speed of its operation.
  • Minimum entry thresholds (deposit amount required to activate an account is $10; minimum betting amount is $1).
  • Unlimited virtual account of $10000.
  • Training - Video tutorials on trading fundamentals.
  • Easy and safe withdrawal system.
  • Different assets for trade.
  • Different asset classes -An economic calendar is shown in a separate window on the left side of the trading platform's screen.
  • Efficient -progressive 24/7 helpdesk, which provides quick answers to all your questions.
  • Modern and user-friendly tools for technical analysis.
  • Opportunity to simultaneously work with 9 charts.

One has to use the strategies of IQ Option, learn the analysis basics, practice on the demo accounts and try to create one's own strategy by combining different instruments to achieve success and obtain a stable profit.

It can be concluded that the application iq option for pc windows is characterized by simplicity and versatility, as well as higher speed compared to the browser version. 

Types of charts

As a trader, you will have access to real-time charts at different timeframes. The charts are clear and there are many customizable parameters. There are 4 types of charts in the iq option for windows pc application:

  • A line chart is a price chart represented by a line. It is plotted on points - each point represents a price level where the price stopped at the last second of the current timeframe.
  • A candlestick chart is a chart consisting of Japanese candlesticks. Candlesticks themselves carry the following information: the opening price, the maximum and minimum of the price, the closing price for the selected timeframe. It is on the Japanese candlesticks are built most trading strategies and trading systems (which, incidentally, may just as well be used on bars). Japanese candlesticks provide traders with all the necessary information much easier and faster, unlike other types of charts.
  • Bars are charts composed of vertical lines denoting the open and close prices, as well as the minimum and maximum. Bars are very similar to Japanese candlesticks in terms of information value. According to many traders, this chart is inferior to candlesticks only in terms of perception convenience. 
  • Heiken Ashi. Candlesticks are the most popular way to display the price chart. But there is a way to improve even this well-known and effective tool. We are talking about Heiken Ashi candlesticks. They average the price and clear it from the market noise. Such visualization helps to identify trends and consolidations, which makes analysis much easier. 

Indicators for technical analysis

The broker offers more than 30 indicators in its application. For a beginner, these are incomprehensible colored lines. But the company offers an introductory course on some of them, which allows you to work out your strategy on IQ Option for different assets. 

You can change the appearance and settings of all the indicators at your discretion, adjusting the colour and thickness of the lines, the period of their display, and so on.

The indicator toolbar is located in the bottom left hand corner of the platform, under the current market sentiment widget.

Select indicators on the app
Select indicators on the app

Types of orders

The application offers several types of orders:

  • By filling in the "Buy at..." field in the bottom right hand corner of the work screen, you can indicate the price at which you are willing to buy or sell the asset.
  • Stop-loss is an instruction to the broker to automatically sell the stock when the quote has fallen to a certain level. A kind of loss limiter.
  • While stop-loss limits the amount of loss, take-profit limits the amount of profit. The investor determines the price at which the broker will automatically sell the stock after it has risen.

Earning with IQ Option is simple and available with some skills with obligatory elements of theoretical knowledge. You only need to invest USD 10 on your trading deposit and download iq option for windows to start working in this field.

How to download IQ Option for Windows PC?

So, to make a iq option download for pc windows, you need to visit the company's main website. You can download the application by swiping below the page and you will see the download file. The download is free, just try it and it will become your favorite trading app!

Try a functional trading app
Try a functional trading app

How to start trading with IQ Option APP for Windows PC?

In order to start trading, you must first download the IQ Option for Windows, install it on your PC, and register. Then you can use a demo or live account to trade. It's as easy as that!

Registration at IQ Option
Registration at IQ Option

How to register and get credentials?

You can register from the broker's official website or in the application. The procedure is done by filling the form on the right side of the main page. You need to be ready to enter the information: 

  • Email address.
  • A password.

The next step is to read the Terms and Conditions and confirm your age by checking the appropriate box. After completing the operation, the button "Open account for free" becomes available. The customer receives the data for the demo and live accounts upon activation.

How to open a demo account?

Clients will be able to explore the platform's functional options with a demo account. The financial company credits the account with a virtual balance of $10,000. Access to the demo account is available to registered users. It is required for newbies who will find it easy to move to real money. Professionals use it to test trading strategies.

Select the type of account for work
Select the type of account for work

How to open a real account?

You should make a deposit to start trading on a real account. So to start trading, you just need to fund your account. Please remember, the minimum deal size is only $1!

How to replenish a deposit?

In order to replenish your account, choose to replenish the menu at the top of your screen. You will also find this menu in your personal client cabinet, through the main menu.

When you plan to deposit an amount, you will need to verify your identity and obtain official status as a client of the company. This is called verification, and you will need to provide proof of identity. This is a common procedure that you may have come across on any website where your capital is involved. You do not have to be wary. This is to make your trades even safer.

Minimum deposit amount 

The broker offers a minimum deposit amount of $10 or more. There is an opportunity for deposits in different currencies. deposits and withdrawals are available as follows:

  • Visa, MasterCard.
  • Virtual payment methods. Here is the widest selection.
  • Bitcoin.
  • Bank transfer.

Replenishment is carried out in a quick mode. Withdrawal is carried out on request. The maximum time for a transfer is 3 working days.

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