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 1. What is a trading platform?

A trading platform is a computer software created to allow the operation of financial instruments in real time and with the real market prices from any computer and/or mobile device (cell phone or tablet). In short, a trading platform is an instrument that allows investors like you and me to invest in the financial markets.

In Pakistan there are multiple trading platforms, some offer very intuitive and user friendly interfaces, others are complex and difficult to understand.

 2. How does a trading platform work?

A trading platform to work needs to have 3 things: the software that allows the interaction between the market and the investor, the investor and of course, the market. The idea of a trading platform is to connect the market and the investor, but for this, the investor must first register an account in the trading platform, make a deposit of real money, and then he can start investing in the market. 

IQ Option is a broker with its own trading platform, which is the most intuitive and best designed platform available today, and has been evolving since 2013, when it began operations. 

IQ Option's trading platform allows trading financial instruments such as binary options, Forex, company shares, commodities, crypto-currencies and some others; and the best thing is that its interface is quite friendly to the user. It also has video tutorials that explain how to trade each of the different trading instruments, as well as some of the market analysis tools such as indicators. The IQ Option platform also has a demo account, which is an account that is offered to beginner traders in order to practice and learn before they are encouraged to open a live account.

 3. Which trading platform should I choose?

When choosing a trading platform it is extremely important to consider aspects such as the reliability of the broker, the processing times for deposits and withdrawals, whether the interface is in your native language, the minimum investment, deposit and withdrawal requirements, and some other important points.

IQ Option's trading platform has all of the above, offers operations with different financial instruments, has available more than 200 shares from different companies, more than 50 currency pairs, 28 cryptom currencies, has support in English 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, in addition, the minimum deposit is only $10 and the minimum withdrawal is only $2; when depositing there is no commission and there is no commission when trading binary options.

In addition, IQ Option's trading platform has won several awards such as Best European Binary Options Broker 2015 from Global Banking and Finance Review, Best Trading Platform at the Forex Awards 2014 and several others. 

 4.   Binary Options Trading Platform

The IQ Option trading platform is available for computers with Windows or MacOS operating systems, as well as for phones and tablets with iOS and Android operating systems, and can be installed and used on a variety of mobile devices. 

Although IQ Option offers a wide range of trading instruments, the most popular instrument is the binary options, an instrument that despite being risky, can provide a return of up to 100% of the investment in just a few minutes of operation. And the platform itself offers video tutorials on the use of the different trading instruments and the different market analysis tools; it also has the possibility of having a VIP account, the main advantage of which is to have an account advisor, a person who will be in frequent contact with the investor to guide him or her through training sessions and the quick resolution of all his or her questions.

Another great advantage of IQ Option's trading platform is that it has trading tournaments, which are competitions between investors, where the idea is to trade binary options and generate the highest possible profit during the time the tournament lasts, and if the investor finishes within the first places, he can get a real money prize that he can withdraw, or use to continue trading. 

If you want to enter the exciting world of trading and need to do so without risk, IQ Option offers the best trading platform for you. It is one of the few brokers that uses its own software, which has been custom designed for users.

IQ Optión is one of the best known investment platforms, considered as a first class solution in Europe and the world. It has 50 million registered users and processes more than 1 million transactions daily, is accessible to traders in Pakistan and more than 213 countries.

The Spanish trading platform allows you to trade a variety of financial instruments and assets, you can invest with IQ Option:

  •           Foreign Exchange Markets (Forex).
  •           Cryptocurrencies
  •           Binary options.

 The best trading platform: IQ Option

IQ Option is a simple and easy to use online platform, operation is performed from the web or the application available for all types of devices and operating systems. You can operate from the application on your notebook, even downloading the App to your mobile phone.

The company is registered in Cyprus as IQ Option Europe LTD. While IQOPTION LTD is registered in Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines to offer services outside the European community.

The IQ Option online trading platform allows you to view charts and monitor market conditions, and also offers a wide selection of trading tools (not normally found on other binary enabled trading platforms). The most advanced ones allow you to visualize Bollinger Bands, MACD, RSI, as well as the most common technical indicators.

Trading platform in English
Trading platform in English

 Types of financial assets available at IQ Option

With the IQ Option online trading platform you can trade Cryptom currencies, Forex, stocks and a variety of binary options contracts. There are over 90 different trading options for trading on IQ Option.

Crypto Currencies: IQ Option allows you to trade CFDs in 27 different crypto currencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin and Ripple. You can expect large margin trading, as well as put options with quick deposits and easy withdrawals. The platform also allows you to buy multiple cryptosystems.

Forex (Foreign Exchange): one of the most popular at IQ Option, it currently offers access to over 180 currency pairs. The platform allows you to choose the strike price and trade at a higher or lower percentage. At any time, the trader can close the trade using the "Ask" price.

Binary Options - These assets have a fixed return of up to 80% on successful trades. Binary options signals are displayed in the form of graphs and tables. The analysis allows you to develop a strategy, based on the forecasts and reduce the risks.

 IQ Option 4.0 Investment Software: fully optimised trading experience

IQ Option 4.0 offers a large number of useful tools for operation, the most important of which are highlighted below:

  1. Multiple graphic designs
  2. Volatility alerts
  3. Market updates
  4. Technical analysis
  5. Economic Calendars
  6. Action Analysers
  7. Historical quotations

The platform uses Emscripten, a technology that transfers complex code accurately into desktop applications and websites. IQ Option also provides more information about the shares, historical quotes (up to 2 years), you can analyse and buy the shares, all in the same window. In addition, it features charting tools, allowing you to easily plot your trading strategy (including area, line, candlesticks, hollow candlesticks and bars).

IQ Option adds new features to the platform that allow for greater flexibility, such as "position top-up", allowing the trader to keep a trade open if it approaches a "stop loss". In other words, it offers a wider margin for trades to recover before closing.

IQ Option online trading platform
IQ Option online trading platform

 FAQ Section

How do I open an account on the IQ Option trading platform?

All types traders can trade on the IQ Option platform online, from professionals looking for greater investment opportunities to newcomers wishing to enter the stock market.

It is advisable to start with the free demo option, so you can evaluate the platform and understand it better. IQ Option offers a (free) Demo account that includes $10,000 in virtual money. There is no limit to how long you can use it, it offers the possibility to try out different trading strategies and become familiar with them before investing real money. In addition, if you run out of money, you can replenish it and continue training.

Open a Demo account in just 3 steps:

  •  Login to the IQ Option website and choose the "Register" option.
  •  Fill in the form with your email address and a password.
  •  Confirm your registration to activate your account and start trading

Although you cannot earn money on the Demo account, you cannot lose it either and it is a great advantage when you are in the process of learning.

In addition, you will have tutorials available to learn how to trade on the trading platform. All traders have access to over 200 videos, which have been published to help them and answer any questions they may have about trading. They also offer blogs and articles to keep up with trends.

Once you understand how IQ Option works, the financial instruments and investment opportunities, you can enter the platform to trade with real investments. Without a doubt, it is an excellent alternative for traders, allowing them to test different strategies on the platform and analyze the results.

IQ Option Live Account

The minimum deposit is $10 with no trading restrictions. You have access to over 350 assets and withdrawal processing within 1 business day. Traders with live accounts have free access to the tournaments offered by the IQ Option online platform, they can also have a 24 hour chat, in case they need support or advice.

IQ Option allows profits to be easily withdrawn. Usually completed within one business day, traders have a variety of funding options available. From e-wallets, to bank transfers, as well as debit and credit cards.

What are the advantages of the Pakistani trading platform?

IQ Option has special features that allow it to stand out among the best brokers, the most important benefits are described below:

You can open a free demo account and learn how to trade.

It is an easy to use online platform: no need to be an experienced trader, the platform is friendly and easy to trade.

It is accessible: it adapts to all devices and operating systems, you can log in from a smartphone, web browser or notebook.

It offers the highest liquidity in the market.

Withdrawals and deposits in Pakistan are made through various means of payment (Easy Payment, bank transfer, electronic wallet and cards).

IQ Option complies with security standards to ensure the operation of users. The platform uses SSL encryption technology to prevent unauthorized access.

IQ Option offers 24/7 support. There are also chats in the native language where traders share experiences.

What are the IQ Option tournaments ?

IQ Option tournaments are designed to encourage trade and generate enthusiasm among users. They are available to all registered users, each tournament has its own terms and conditions, usually presenting a ranking table according to the trading success of each participating trader. In addition to the profits made, the tournament leaders can win additional prizes.

The experience offered by the tournaments can be significant, you can learn how to use investment strategies such as repurchase. It allows you to recharge balance with deposits that match the initial amount, maintaining a minimum balance to recharge. The strategy makes it easy for all additional purchases to accumulate.

IQ Option online trading platform
IQ Option online trading platform

 Awards accumulated in the IQ Option tournaments

IQ Option organizes 2 types of tournaments: free and with a registration fee. The entry fee can vary from $4 to $50. Both types offer prizes to be distributed among the tournament leaders (the first 9 participants get a share of the prize). VIP events are also available under specific conditions.

It should be noted that, in free tournaments, only the amount of the prize (for example, a cumulative $500) is obtained, the balance of the tournament is virtual and cannot be withdrawn. There are also tournaments with accumulated prize money of up to $50,000 dollars.

IQ Option is one of the trading platforms that guarantees transparency in the holding of tournaments, offers reliable management during all events and reaches a high level of popularity in the countries where they are held. More and more traders participate in the famous IQ Option tournaments.

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