Withdrawal and deposit method for the best binary trading - Tips to withdraw money and deposit funds on IQ Option account

IQ Option is one of the best online trading platforms of the world. It has millions of broker and investor accounts operating currently. The return on your investment can be as high as 91%.

Moreover, the deposit process, investment and withdrawal process is easy and hassle free. IQ Option is legally compliant to the legislation of all the states in which it is operating. However, this is high a risk investment platform. You should not invest what you cannot afford to lose. You can lose all of your investment. This is why you need to do excessive market research while investing. 

For successful trading, it is important to choose a reliable broker
For successful trading, it is important to choose a reliable broker

Why is Deposit and Withdrawal Required in IQ Option?

While making an investment, a trader is required to deposit money into his IQ Option account, which is later on used as an investment. The investment can be as low as $10. There is no service fee, hidden charges or other deductions on the deposit amount.

Deposit through IQ Option

Invest into your trading account could never have been easier, through IQ Option. There are numerous forms through which you can perform you transaction. These include:

Credit Card / Debit Card

This is the fastest and easiest way to put money into your trading account. All you need to do is enter your Account Number, enter your details, enter the amount of investment and proceed your transaction. Money transferred to the account will appear within few minutes. In case of any delay, call customer support.

This payment forms is available for:

  1. Visa
  2. Visa Electron
  3. Maestro
  4. MasterCard

Bank Account or Bank Card

To add funds in your account through bank card, you simply need to add bank card number instead of credit card number and fill in the details. You can now initiate you transaction in a similar way to credit card/debit card payment method.

Digital Wallet or eWallet

This is a fairly new online payment method that rose to prominence due to its ease of transactions. eWallet is mostly similar to a credit or debit card with the only difference that it is an electronic card with a prepaid account. 


IQ Option also supports deposit through bitcoins. Bitcoin is a digital currency without physical existence, one of the many forms of a cryptocurrency. You simply need to add “Bitcoin” as your payment method, while selecting a payment form. The amount deposited in your account will be in its BTC equivalent (the exchange rate of bitcoins). Once your payment is Cubit verified, you will get funds in your account.

IQ Option trading platform
IQ Option trading platform

Withdrawal through IQ Option

The investment or return on investment can be withdrawn any time after the deposit. Estimated time to complete the withdrawal is 1 business day and estimated fee is $2 (applicable to few withdrawal forms). Local banks may deduct service fee or taxes according to the legislation of residing country of the investor.  

Once you have transferred money into your investor account in IQ Option, you can withdraw anytime, even before the investment period ends. You can withdraw your initial investments (if you did not lose it) and profits earned on investment, anytime. Withdrawing money on IQ Options is quick, hassle free and free of cost(with few exceptions). You can withdraw up to 1 million US dollars per day! The withdrawal requests are processed within few hours to a maximum of 3 days.

Credit Card/Debit Card

Once you have decided to withdraw funds, select credit card, bank card or debit card as your withdrawal method while processing the transaction. This form is easiest and convenient to use.

Digital Wallet/eWallet

If you have transferred your funds through eWallet, this option is available to you. You can only withdraw money to your eWallet account used for deposit.

If you are not sure which deposit or withdrawal method to choose, contact our support team
If you are not sure which deposit or withdrawal method to choose, contact our support team

Withdrawal Malfunctions

If 15 business day period has lapsed and you did not receive payments in your account, contact customer support immediately. The support team will provide guidance and explanation to you regarding the matter at hand. You will be instructed to follow steps to secure your money.

The Identification Process of Withdrawal

IQ Option has also put forward a transparent identification process at the time of withdrawal for your own safety. This ensures that your funds are not being sent to someone else account, intentionally or unintentionally. For the identification process, you are required to give the following credentials:

  1. A photo of your National Identity Card, Driver’s License or Passport
  2. Bank card’s photo of both sides with the first four and last four digits of card number visible (in case of withdrawing through a credit or debit card)

IQ Option

Trading binary options has been legalized by the Securities and Exchange Commission Pakistan (SECP). If you are a potential investor looking for investing in binary options, we reply that you should definitely opt for IQ Options due to the following reasons:

  1. Investment in IQ Option is hassle free and simple.
  2. The return on investment can be as high as 90%.
  3. You only require $10 to invest.
  4. You can practice and sharpen investment skills in the demo account.
  5. There is a 24/7 customer support available for you
It is important for us that every client can withdraw money quickly
It is important for us that every client can withdraw money quickly

There may be some other questions about IQ Options that rise in your minds. To make investment decisions easier, let’s have a look on those queries:

Is Trading Legal on IQ Option?

Yes, it is absolutely legal to trade options on the platform. IQ Option is authorized to sell its products to many clients, residing in many geographical locations.

Although IQ Option was founded in 2013, it is the fastest growing network of traders. As of 2018, there were more than 20 million trader accounts fully operation on IQ Option. The investment is therefore, safe and secure.

You can start trading with an investment as low as 10 US Dollars! Anyone can afford trading with the help of IQ Option.

You need to be of legal age, 18 years or 21 years, according to the laws of the state in which you are residing. This is done to protect you from any losses or legal formalities.

You do nOt need to be a financial expert in order to invest in IQ Option. You only need beginner’s training and market information to trade on IQ Option. For training, IQ Option has also introduced a Demo Account that has never been offered before.

In the Demo Account, you are given virtual money and investment options. The account is free, without any risk and fully accessible and functional. It lets you practice and sharpen your skills until you are fully ready.

IQ Option gives its traders two ways to trade financial instruments. These include whether by trading through an official app or official website. Open the website or app, register yourself, and you are good to go!

IQ Option deals in the following assets: 1.Options: Options’ trading involves speculation of prices of over 10 million financial assets. 2. Forex: Forex involves trading of over 188 different currencies. 3. Crypto Currencies: It involves trading of over 12 different crypto currencies. 4. CFDs: Contract for Difference, CFD, involves the speculation on stocks.Indices: It involves trading of indices through binary option. 5.ETFs: Relatively new in the market, ETF trading involves tracking and trading of over 4288 different ETFs.

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