Forex Trading With Innovative Online Trading Platforms Now In Pakistan

Key points:

  1. How forex trading works?
  2. Where to learn forex trading for free?
  3. Where to practice forex trading without investment?
  4. What's forex trading account? 
  5. Which forex trading platform is best for beginners?

1. How does Forex trading work?

Forex has been operating for more than 40 years and attracted such key traders as governments, large international banks, corporations, brokerage and dealer companies, etc. The daily turnover reaches several trillion dollars and is constantly growing.

So what is Forex, how did it appear and how does it work? Forex is an abbreviation that stands for "FOReign EXchange market". It appeared a long time ago - in the ‘70s, when fixed currencies were replaced by floating currencies. Forex market resembles the Internet, which has no owner. On the one hand, it is virtual. On the other hand, the market is open day and night - from 01:00 Monday to midnight on Saturday.

Forex registration is virtual and the trading is not complicated at all. Each currency has its own value in relation to the other and this way currency pairs are formed. The most popular pair is EUR / USD. You can easily make a deal for the purchase and sale. 

For example, you believe the current rate between these currencies will depreciate. You need to open a trade and wait for the price to fall to a certain level and close it. Closing can also be done automatically. The buying deal is similar: the opening of the trading session is at the same level and you need to wait until it rises. Profit is credited to your trading account. If the forecast fails, the deal will bring you a loss. The opening and closing interval can vary from a few seconds to several months.

Forex trading
Forex trading

2. Where to learn Forex trading for free?

Beginners often ask where to study Forex trading. There are many training options - from self-education like articles and webinars to video tutorials and professional courses from brokerage companies. IQ Option has created its own educational center for both new and professional traders. On the platform, every trader will find the following free training options:

  • Video tutorials devoted to basics of options trading, CFD trading, binary options trading, marginal trading, all types of tech analysis, and market news;
  • A detailed FAQ section where you can find answers to almost any question;
  • An analytical block in the form of the latest news on various markets. It allows the traders to always be aware of important events in the financial environment and adjust their forecasting approaches;
  • Free training sessions by phone in different languages;
  • Demo account with virtual funds.

With these materials, you will learn how to trade without leverage and stop loss and understand how to use various market indicators.

It is advisable for the beginners to start from the very first lesson and gradually move forward in their training to actual trading.

Learn Forex trading for free directly on the platform!
Learn Forex trading for free directly on the platform!

3. Where to practice Forex trading without investment?

Forex training should include not only theoretical understanding of the market but also practice. Experts recommend testing your skills on a demo account before making real investment. The IQ Option broker developed a free demo account with the following features:

  • Access to all functions available on a commercial platform;
  • Virtual $ 10.000 that can be refunded with no limits;
  • Real trading charts;
  • All data is generated by the global currency market.

Training on a demo account will enable you to get used to the processes associated with everyday trading and master various strategies.

Practice Forex trading on a free demo account
Practice Forex trading on a free demo account

4. What's a Forex trading account?

After achieving good results on a demo account, it is time to test your skills in trading for real money. Hence, the next step is to open a trading account with a brokerage company. This process takes no more than 10 minutes from the moment of the first click on registration to the verification of personal data.

The IQ Option demo account can be switched to a real one by making a deposit. You can start with only $ 10 with this broker. After it, the virtual amount will be zeroed, and the account balance will be equal to the deposited amount. The real trading account gives access to all functions of the IQ Option platform.

All it takes is $10 to activate a real account and start trading
All it takes is $10 to activate a real account and start trading

5. Which Forex trading platform is best for beginners?

Forex is open for everyone. However, individuals can trade only through intermediaries or brokerage companies. Such a company will handle trading on your behalf. For this, you will have access to a special platform for e-currency trading.

Among a huge variety of brokerage companies IQ Option has been acknowledged as one of the best resources for novice traders. Its advantages speak for themselves:

  • User-friendly trading terminal;
  • The minimum deal is $ 1;
  • The minimum deposit is only $10;
  • Very attractive withdrawal terms;
  • Adjustable leverages;
  • High profitability.

All this is being proved by a constantly growing number of registered users and many rewards received by the broker. The recent ones are Best FX Broke Europe 2018 - World Finance, Best Forex Execution Broker 2017 – Shares;

IQ Option is constantly improving its service – the broker adds new tools and features, making trading available to everyone.

The IQ Option platform has won many awards and continues to improve its service
The IQ Option platform has won many awards and continues to improve its service

“Forex” or “Foreign Exchange” is a source of income which provides a platform for traders to invest and trade foreign currencies of the world. Forex started in 1875 and now it has become the largest and most liquid market in the world. 

Foreign exchange is becoming widely popular and trusted among the people of Pakistan, given its successful functioning across the world. Apart from the real currencies such as Dollars and Pounds etc., people can also choose to exchange cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin through Forex. However, Pakistan only allows trade in real currency as cryptocurrency has been declared illegal in the country.

IQ Option is a licensed Global service which provides all the favorable conditions to its users under which they can efficiently make Forex trade. It offers a high-quality platform for forex trade which is easy to use and comes with a 24-hour support system. IQ Option provides a Demo account for the beginners to let them get the gist of rules and test their trading skills without risking anything at all. Making an account on the IQ Option app is also very easy and can be done within a few minutes.

However, you should learn the general basics of forex before you decide to make an account. Here we will cover all those basics that you need to learn before starting your own forex trade.

Forex trading room on the IQ Option platform
Forex trading room on the IQ Option platform

6. Steps to start Forex trading in Pakistan

  1. Research on the forex market
  2. Choose a reliable broker site or app
  3. Practice on a demo account
  4. Create your original account
  5. Choose and buy reliable stocks
  6. Monitor the market trends regularly

The Basics of Forex PK

Forex trading is done in currency pairs which means that the traders need to select and invest in a pair of two different currencies (e.g. GBP USD) as buying or selling cannot be done in an individual currency.

The pairs have been categorized into following three groups: majors, minors and exotic, based on their liquidity which is related to their trading volumes. Traders are free to choose any pair from the given three groups. This also means that the traders don’t necessarily need to trade their national currency.

Popular currency pairs in the Forex market
Popular currency pairs in the Forex market

Opening a Forex Account​

The IQ Option FX platform offers one of the most favorable conditions for forex trade. It provides with the highest 1:500 leverage and the least amount of deposit which is only $10.

However, one must keep it in mind that a single mistake by him can lead to a total wipe out of his whole balance.

Forex trading week​

The Foreign Exchange market is open five days a week starting from 5 p.m. EST on Sunday to 5 p.m. EST on Friday.​

Simple steps to start trading with IQ Option​ Forex Pakistan

After setting up a trading account, you must keep it in mind that it’s easy to earn big with high leverage and it’s even easier to lose everything due to the same reason. For this reason, one should set stop-loss orders.

Choosing currency pair: 

The first step is to choose the pair of currencies. The most common currencies are the most powerful like EUR and USD. However, the rand can be traded with others too.

Conducting preliminary analysis: 

Traders should analyse the past charts and keep himself up to date with global news. 

Entering Forex is quick and easy but this market is highly volatile. Therefore, reading news and analysis of the chosen pairs can be very beneficial. Moreover, the traders should also focus on overall market and its trends.

Picking a quote and spread of the pair: 

The green figure demonstrates the price at which it is available to buy, and the red figure shows the price at which it is possible to sell. The difference marked between both of these rates is called 'spread'. Spread is the broker’s commission and it varies from one agent to another.

EUR/USD currency pair: trading conditions
EUR/USD currency pair: trading conditions

Setting the sell and buy prices: 

Depending on your belief about the future behaviour of currency rates, you can set the sell or buy price. You can choose the buy and sell positions at the same time as well.

You should consider that if the chosen currency pair will rise in the market, what will be the best possible price to sell it. Analysing previous trends of the given currency can help in predicting the highest it could go.

Benefits of Forex trade

A Multimillion Dollar Market

The volume of Foreign Exchange reaches up to trillions of dollars every day as it is the largest and most liquid market in the world.

Profits from small investments

The major benefit of foreign exchange is that huge profit can be made out of a small amount of investment. You can also start trading by depositing just $10 in your IQ Option account.

Profits from Rise or Fall in Prices

This market has no directional trading restrictions. If you think a currency pair is going to increase in value, you can buy it and if you think it could decrease, you can sell it anytime.

Using the Best Forex Brokers in Pakistan

It is also very beneficial to work with reliable Forex brokers as they cover all the other risks which do not depend on you.

The platform allows you to select different chart types for better market analysis
The platform allows you to select different chart types for better market analysis

Risks of Forex Trading in Pakistan

Rates fluctuation

The global news on economics and politics directly contributes to the fluctuations in currency rates. These currency rates are rapidly changing and fluctuations are potentially volatile.

Technical language

Like all other industries, foreign exchange has its own jargon which can be hard to grasp for the beginners. An online guide on basics can also be helpful in learning such terms.

Lack of attention or wrong decisions

Foreign Exchange is a high risk market. Lack of attention, pressing a wrong button, entering a wrong amount, making wrong predictions or impulsive decisions can turn in to a huge loss.

Use stop orders to secure your trades
Use stop orders to secure your trades

Tips for Forex Trading

The Foreign Currency Exchange is all about profit and loss Ratio. Every trader needs to be mentally prepared for a loss and invest as much as it is okay for him to lose.

Scalping and Price Action strategies are strongly recommended for the beginners as these can help them in having a better trading experience.

Most commonly a candlestick chart is used to analyze the trends of currency rates over a specific period of time, which helps a trader to predict its future behavior.

The ability to stay calm is also very important. The investor should focus on his psychology and learn to avoid any impulsiveness by keeping a stable emotional state.

Study and research in forex trading and learning from real-life stories are the real keys to any trader’s success. It is also recommended to start small by depositing minimum amounts first. It is absolutely not necessary to start with big deposits and putting everything at stake while you are inexperienced.

Now that you have a got the basics down, it’s time to get started on this journey which will lead you to a life of freedom and financial independence. Happy trading!

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