What Are Binary Options?

How are options trading different from conventional trading? Trading is when you buy a financial instrument (a stock or Euro for example), wait for it to appreciate, sell it, pocket the difference. The greater the difference in the buying rate and the selling rate, the more you earn.

The introduction of binary options into trading was the next step in lowering the "entry threshold" for new traders and speeding up the trading process.

To start trading binary options, you don't need a fundamental education in economics, and you don't need to have hundreds of thousands. All you need is a keen eye and the ability to follow price movements in the market closely. If you, as an investor, meet all the conditions of a binary option, you will be able to get ahead.

Popular markets for binary options trading
Popular markets for binary options trading

An option is a "bet". You make some prediction, bet a certain amount of money in advance and set a certain time when you have to check the result. When the time comes out, you see whether your prediction works or not. If it works, you get a fixed amount of money, if not, you lose your bet.

A binary option is a transaction in the financial market, where you make a prediction and bet money on it. If the prediction comes true, you make a 50-95 per cent profit, if not, you lose your entire bet.

Types of Binary Options

They come in all shapes and sizes. Let's look at a few of the most popular ones:

  • Betting to go up or down on the underlying asset price. Analogue of the call/put in the classic options. The most common with brokers and the easiest tool to understand that every broker has. For example, a trader places a call bet on increasing the price of USD, and if the price of the asset becomes higher after 5 minutes, the trader receives for example 60% of the profit of his bet. If the forecast does not come true, the loss is fixed and equals the amount of the bet. A put bet works on the same principle, only the winnings are triggered by a decrease in the price of the underlying asset.
  • Betting on the touch of a certain price of the asset. A trader places a bet on the price of the underlying asset to move up or down to a certain level during a specific time frame. If the price reaches the target within the time frame, the bet is won.
  • Betting on the price range of the underlying asset. A bet is made on whether the underlying asset will be evaluated within a certain price range over a time frame set by the trader.
  • Express bets on several instruments at once - which of them will go up, which will go down. The profit of each of the bets is summed up with each other and as a result it is possible to earn a few hundred per cents of profit at once. And others.

Many new players wonder where to start their introduction to the world of binary contracts, and experienced players always advise to start with the simplest, classic above/below binary option. Once you learn, you can move on to more complex but more profitable types.

Trading will require some initial capital. Basically, you can start with $10, but then it will take much more time to unwind. But it is better to study on small transactions, so start with any sum convenient for you, and begin to earn right from home!

Which asset should you choose?

The sets of assets traders are offered to their clients for making transactions are solely determined by the brokers and the capabilities of their trading platforms:

  • Currency pairs are the absolute standard, available from any broker. As a rule, major and cross pairs are available, but there are inclusions of exotic instruments.
  • Securities (stocks) of the world's largest corporations.
  • Popular stock indices - the most well-known ones are listed, e.g. FTSE 100, S&P-500, etc.
  • Binary options on sugar, wheat, coffee and cocoa are also available.
  • Cryptocurrencies are a popular form of binary options, as trading in digital coins is generally available on any weekend. Brokers choose the best coins - bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum etc.
Choose from a variety of assets to trade
Choose from a variety of assets to trade

It is more profitable for traders to operate with these instruments, as brokers charge higher fees for high volatility. Therefore, binary options have a lower percentage return when the asset is in a flat corridor and becomes maximal when there are large price fluctuations.

Expiry time for binary options

The binary options expiry time is the time period in which your order will be open.

This is an important consideration when you start trading, and you can choose this yourself in the trade settings. Depending on your broker, there are several time frames available to you:

  • Upper Short - options up to 5 minutes. Such trade attracts traders because it allows you to count on the immediate receipt of income.
  • Medium term - options from a few minutes to 1 day. You need to consider all external factors that influence the price movement.
  • Long term - options from a few days up to a year and more. They are seldom used by brokers and traders, but they exist nevertheless.

Which time period to choose is up to you. Many beginners start with turbo options in order to learn the platform's features and not to wait for a long time to make a decision on a trade.

What are Binary Options Bonuses?

Many options brokers offer similar conditions to their clients. That is why traders find it difficult to choose their broker. Financial companies try to offer extra options, not the least of which are bonuses.

A bonus is money which a broker transfers to a client's account for certain actions. For example, a bonus for registering an account or for depositing a certain amount of money. These funds are the property of the broker, but the profit from their investment can become the trader's income.

A binary bonus is credited automatically after the client fulfils the conditions or after entering a promo code. In some cases, the trader must activate the option, for example, by ticking the appropriate box in the deposit window.

There are different types of bonuses that are offered to players. This gives traders the opportunity to increase their trading volume absolutely free, just by taking advantage of the service. Don't miss your chance to start trading with bonuses, sign up now, it's free!

Take advantage of your bonus
Take advantage of your bonus

Binary options brokers' bonuses are 50%, 100% or even 150% of the deposit. Many newbies think that this amount is actually theirs. But dealers impose conditions on the use and withdrawal of this money.

To maximise the value of these bonuses, it is crucial for traders to choose the best broker. This can be done by analysing the commissions and bonuses they offer. They also need to understand how these bonuses work. A reliable broker will allow traders to take advantage of any bonus to increase their profits.  A broker can also offer several bonuses which traders can earn over time and which they can later use to make their trading even more profitable.

Types of Binary Option Bonuses

Bonus offers and promotions include point programs for registration, trading, investment, management and more. All of them can be divided into the following types:

  • Deposit bonuses - bonuses that you can get for depositing in your account. Almost all brokers reward first deposits with bonuses. Some deposit bonuses can be used not only as a means to build up trading volume, but also as an opportunity to increase free margin, which gives substantial protection in case of unexpected account drawdowns. Many of the deposit bonuses can be worked out by making a certain number of transactions of needed volume and can be withdrawn from the account as personal funds.
  • Withdrawable bonuses are funds that are given to the trader for real trading and that can be withdrawn under certain conditions.
  • Bonuses for completed real trades that are awarded to a trader based on the volume of trades.
  • Promotions and special offers - are other one time and periodic bonus campaigns that brokerage companies hold on various occasions.
  • No risk trades. Beginner traders do not always get a positive result right away, so brokers offer risk-free trading. The broker insures the trades of the trader against losses, compensating if the trader loses money.

When you choose your reliable and trustworthy broker, be sure to take advantage of his offer and get your legitimate bonus, which has already helped thousands of traders to develop their business. 

Top up your deposit and get a great bonus
Top up your deposit and get a great bonus


  • A broker may change their bonuses, so you need to check what bonuses the trading platform can offer at a given time.
  • The broker will set terms and conditions for the bonus.
  • As a rule you can only get one bonus once.  You cannot get the same bonus day after day.

Binary options - no deposit bonus

Everybody comes to binary trading with one goal - to make money. But not everybody is ready to invest his or her own money in trading. But without it one cannot earn real money which can be withdrawn later. Or can you?

Binary options 100 no deposit bonus is the solution for those, who are not ready to part with the funds they have earned so far. Generally, there are a number of rules to follow in order to claim these bonuses and keep the profits for yourself. You must familiarize yourself in advance with the terms and conditions of your chosen broker. Most often, the bonus is granted under the following conditions:

  • Trading turnover. The most common practice is when a company offers to get money without a deposit. In order to receive the earned money, the speculator must perform a trading turnover, the amount of which is set by the broker.
  • Time limit. The company's promotional offer will not be valid forever. The broker puts a clear deadline in which you have to make a trade.
  • You have to fund your account afterwards with a certain amount, usually the minimum amount. Etc.

As you can see, these are quite simple rules and if you are planning to work with a broker, they are quite feasible and acceptable in order to get your 100 no deposit bonuses in binary options from a reliable broker.

How to start trading binary options and get no-deposit bonus in Pakistan? 

You may be wondering how to trade binary options in Pakistan and still get an extra bonus. It's quite simple and doesn't require any special skills. That's why thousands of people around the world are already working in this field, join you too!

There are certain procedures that you need to follow in order to trade competently.

First, you should register with your broker, it is free, and it does not bind you in any way. This will give you access to more advanced settings and platform sections.

Register on the platform
Register on the platform

Then you will need to open an account. You can even use the demo account at first. This will allow you to try trading and learn more about the platform's features without the fear of making mistakes. But you must be aware that you will never make any profit with this kind of account.

For real trading with real profit, feel free to open a real account and make a comfortable deposit, the amount established by the broker, or you can deposit a bigger amount. The bigger the deposit amount, the more profit you can make. Fund your account by card or any other way convenient for you.

Use your promo code on the platform
Use your promo code on the platform

What can the trading platform offer?

The platform will show you the binary options assets which are suitable for trading. By opening a live chart, you will be able to see the settings on the right-hand side of the screen and choose your stake, expiry time, and often you can also see a forecast of the asset.

Take the first step, because you can start with a small amount to trade and as you progress in your knowledge you can increase the betting amount and eventually win. 

Choose the level of your profile on the platform
Choose the level of your profile on the platform

On top of that, the platform has a number of advantages for your trading success:

  • Functional mobile app;
  • A big selection of assets to suit every taste;
  • Communication with traders;
  • Video tutorials;
  • Hotline service;
  • A personal cabinet with an opportunity to analyse your trades, etc.

You can take a long time to prepare for your first trade, or you can practice on the platform and simultaneously get new knowledge, the choice is yours.

In any case, never stop learning how to analyse options, whether you are a seasoned trader or a beginner. You'll be on your side if you're persistent!

You may also be interested in free binary options tips. The best place to look is the internet. You can find tons of information about options trading on the internet. These tips are extremely helpful for beginners. So don't deny yourself the pleasure of taking a look at them.

So, binary options trading can be started as soon as you have enough confidence. You can trade with your own capital or with a small amount from one of the reputable binary trading companies. Once you gain experience, you can increase your capital and make good profits from your binary investments.

In fact, this type of business is developing by leaps and bounds. Since the risk is low, it is a very profitable trade. Therefore, if you have an options trading strategy in mind and want to make more money, then you should try this type of business.

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