What is Day Trading?

If you have been dreaming about accessing the options market but don't have an idea what it is, you need to look more closely into this type of dealing. The fact that the system is extremely volatile makes it a great place to make a profit. Many people think that options are a quick way to make a lot of money. And many succeed - all it takes is knowledge and a lot of experience.

When trading binary options for novices, you should do it with the lowest possible spreads. Don't be in a hurry to play big. You must first gain the experience and trading skills you need.

Binary options is a contractual derivative that lets you make a profit by forecasting the price movements of traded assets. Simply put, it is a bet on whether the price will go up or down.

Binary options - the choice is yours
Binary options - the choice is yours

The reason why binary options are so popular among new traders is not strange. The secret lies in their incredible simplicity. Essentially, the trick is for the investor to simply guess the price movement of the asset. In doing so, you know in advance exactly what your maximum risk is, it is equal to your bet. The profit in this case is approximately 60% -85%, depending on the terms of the option. Due to the transparent conditions, accessibility and simplicity, this trading attracts many dealers.

There are lots of variations of binary options on the forex market, and they are listed in relation to expiry conditions and expiration times.

  • Up/Down. This type of contract was called binary options from the beginning, and therefore it is a classic one. In addition, it is applied to all brokers. The main idea of the considered option, is to determine by traders to increase or decrease the value of the chosen asset, at the moment, when the contract expires.

As the comparative value of the asset, its price at the time of the transaction is taken. In trader slang, the initial value of the asset is called the strike price.

  • One Touch. The meaning of this type is that when the price reaches a predetermined level of value for the asset within a set period of time, the option is considered to be worked out successfully.
  • Range. Quite an easy trading technique, which involves predicting the price in a given corridor. The idea is simple: you select a trading pair and choose the time frame in which the price will not go out of the given range, or will.
  • Ladder. In this type, the user can not only predict the direction of the asset's price movement, but also try to predict how far the quotes will advance during the expiry period. The trading system sets several price levels. As each level is passed, the profit on the trade will grow.
  • Pairs. It is a modification of the classic binary deal. The only difference is in the asset. It's not the net stock price or currency rate against another monetary unit, but the relative ratio of one asset against another.

These are the most famous and the most basic options. You will start your experience in the world of trading options with them, and then you can acquire and predict more intricate structures.

There are three more types of binary options - short term:

  1. Short term. Another name is called turbo options. They expire after 30 seconds and give up to 5 minutes.

  2. Intraday. The lifetime of the transaction can be from 15 minutes to the end of one trading session. The lot cannot be transferred to the next day.

  3. Long-term. These are deals with expiry time more than one day - weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual. These tools are used by analysts working with long-term trends, including those commerce on the basis of fundamental analysis.
Choose your binary options strategy
Choose your binary options strategy

Most experienced investors advise you to start with day trading binary options , and there are several reasons for that - it helps you monitor price movements, make good decisions and learn to keep emotions in check.

It is also noteworthy that intraday commerce is considered to be the most profitable one. This style of trading is one of the most popular among young investors due to the possibility of using small deposits and earning good money.

You can carry out technical and basic analysis.  In one-minute turbo options, market analysis is almost impossible because of market noise and other factors.  Binary options day trading allows you to use indicators, patterns and news with a high degree of accuracy. 

Technical analysis for binary options day trading

Day trading binary options can be facilitated by technical analysis. Using such analysis of financial markets is considered one of the most effective ways to ensure profitability in commerce. Technical analysts use indicators, mathematical methods and charts to analyse and predict future trends in the markets.

Some of the popular technical analysis tools you will need in your trading are trend synapses, support levels, breakouts, Fibonacci and oscillators.

It is worth remembering that indicators are only an auxiliary tool for trading assets and do not guarantee positive commerce results. Here are the most popular signals:

  1. Bollinger Bands. It is based on 3 moving averages. Two of them are located on either side of the central one, thus forming a price channel. Its width indicates the volatility present in the market.

  2. RSI indicates a trend reversal or steady continuation. The RSI line is enclosed between 30 and 70 - it shows the current price level. If the price is above 30, it is oversold and buying is imminent, which means a trend reversal. The level of 70 indicates that it is clearly overbought, which means that selling will commence soon, and the trend will change its direction.

  3. Moving Average shows the trend change and its continuation. Calculations are made according to the actual value state to the average prices for a certain period. This timeframe can be customized by the trader. The lower it is, the more relevant the reading is.

  4. The MACD builds its readings based on a histogram or 2 fast lines. The Moving Average Convergence/Divergence shows very precise entry points, on any timeframe, for almost all assets with medium or high volatility. It is recommended to duplicate and confirm the signals of the indicator with an additional analytical tool for a more accurate determination when you start studying it.

  5. Stochastic. The tool consists of 2 lines. The fast line and the slow line are located between levels 0 and 100. Moving within these levels, they cross each other, indicating maximum oversold and overbought conditions. Sell option is executed, if both lines of the instrument are in the zone of 100 or above the level of 80, with the obligatory crossing of each other. Buy trades are executed when both lines cross below the 20 level near the zero zone.
Popular indicators for chart analysis
Popular indicators for chart analysis

Aside from these signals, most players use a graphical method to analyse the market. The chart on the financial market represents the dependence of price change on time. Several display methods have been invented for the convenience of analysis. Types of charts on the Forex market:

  • Linear (plotted against the closing prices of the selected timeframe);
  • Japanese candlesticks (displaying extremums, opening and closing prices of the time frame);
  • Bar (gives the same information from the market as a Japanese candlestick chart, only in a different interpretation).

At the moment, the display of prices in the form of a graph "Candlestick chart", is one of the most popular and informative presentations of price movements, because one Japanese candlestick gives an investor a view of four parameters in a certain time frame. These are the opening and closing price of the commerce period, and the highest and lowest price during the trading period. 

Technical analysis for day trading binary options is considered extremely useful. It can give you good advice on how to make good decisions and at the same time help you identify market risks.

You should be careful when making financial decisions. The market is volatile. Even the slightest change can cause a radical change in your investments. You can only succeed in this market if you recognize the right signals. To do so, you'll have to understand the concept of technical analysis in day trading binary options. This requires careful research and analysis of the market and the asset or stock you wish to trade. This is a great way to stay informed while becoming more knowledgeable about the market.

How to start day trading binary options in Pakistan?

Stockbrokers have created their own trading platforms for dealing in binary options, taking into account the peculiarities of this market, the specifics of trading, order placement and triggering. Generally, the terminal not only has a platform for trading, but also other useful services that traders will need in order to be successful.

The first thing you need to do is register on the broker's website. It only takes a couple of minutes, and once you have done so, you can check out the platform's user-friendliness and interface, as well as watching video tutorials, downloading the mobile app, and seeing the indicators and charts you will be working with.

Registering on the investing platform
Registering on the investing platform

For beginners who are thinking about how to start day trading binary options in Pakistan, it is very important to set up a demo account before you start any real trading.

With a demo account, you can practice your trading skills without worrying about losing money.

You can also improve and practice the strategies you use here. It is a good idea to open a demo account because you do not want to lose money using tactics that you have not yet tested in real life.

You will get to know the trading and decide if it is the right choice for you, by using a virtual amount which will be deposited into your account.

Once you get a feel for live trading, you will be able to open a real trading account. You will then have to make a deposit into your account, and you can then place orders in the terminal.

Once you have determined the amount of your account, you can start looking for the best way to enter the trade. You will need to understand the basics of analysis using technical tools before you decide which trading method is best suited to your needs. It is useful to remember that successful traders do not always succeed every time they make a trade. It is important to remember that there is no one perfect strategy.

Select the type of account for work
Select the type of account for work

You can also trade with leverage if you need to. Leverage is a service in the form of a loan of money, the amount of which can be 10, 20, 100 times or more of a trader's deposit.

You can trade binary options using various strategies. It is important to develop your own tactics to make sure you know what you are doing. Your commerce style should suit your personality and your ability to make informed trades. A reliable binary options day trading platform will make it very easy for you and help you on your way.

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