Bitcoin and IQ Option - great partner for traders

The classic said - "life is what happens to us while we plan." 

It’s true, many people are constantly planning to do something “tomorrow”: go on a trip, make gifts for themselves or loved ones, get positive emotions, etc. But sometimes we get too carried away and no longer get the opportunity to do something good. Hard work, living from paycheck to paycheck, and then old age. This is not the best way to live life.

There are many pleasures in the world that you need to try, and money will help make this a reality. However, many Pakistani residents do not have a well-paid job and a free schedule. Does this mean that their life will be boring, monotonous and devoid of pleasure? 

No, because now there is the Internet and IQ Option. 

This is a unique platform that offers you to earn on binary options and cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. This review will tell you how to go through an effective path to financial independence and make trading more successful.

IQ Option - a company that works for customers

Of course, there are many sites on the Internet that offer their services.

But the IQ Option platform is one of the most popular and effective in the world of trading. This service managed to go from a small site to a huge platform where thousands of transactions are made every day. According to statistics, the total monthly transaction volume on the site is more than $300 million.

A success story began in 2103 on the island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Here the company received an official license, giving the right to work in many countries of the world. In 2013, many competitors were already operating on the market, but the IQ Option was able to win this leadership struggle. Because the company is trying to create the best conditions for its customers and has a lot of advantages.

IQ Option offers the best ways to buy bitcoin
IQ Option offers the best ways to buy bitcoin

Advantages of the IQ Option Platform

In this section, you will read useful information about why a trader will get more if he chooses IQ Option as a partner.

Great story

Seven years of success is the best proof of the quality work of the company. Today, the army of traders is more than 40 million people, including Pakistani clients. So many people cannot be wrong. You can visit thematic forums and read reviews of real users - traders will tell you about their experience and the merits of the site.


Every trader wants to earn big money, and not become a victim of a scammer. For IQ Option customers, this risk is minimal. Because the service uses the most modern methods of encrypting personal data. 

A special 256-bit cipher (SSL 3.0 protocol) is very difficult to crack. 

This means that the hacker will not gain access to your account, billing information, transaction information, etc. For more information, we recommend reading the “Term & Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” documents.

Legal profit

You can legally earn big money thanks to IQ Option and trading on bitcoin. The company has all the necessary documents, licenses, pays taxes and acts under local law.

Big money

They say that the largest profits are made in the illegal business, but the IQ Option platform and binary options trading refute this statement. 

According to company statistics, the average profit from a successful transaction is 70-80%. 

Besides, the special leverage offered by the company allows you to conclude large transactions and earn more profit. Professional Pakistani traders earn 200-300% on the site every day.


Even client who does not have much trading experience can deal with the functionality of the IQ Option site. The design of the official page was developed by professional programmers, so it’s easy to find the right section, study usability and start effective trading. And if you encounter a problem, you will be helped by a professional support service available 24/7;

Quick registration for all

Just make a decision, and in a few minutes, you can become a client of the IQ Option platform. Of course, if a Pakistani user has reached the age of 18. 

The procedure is free, and the presence of 17 language versions of the site makes it as comfortable as possible. 

Besides, the minimum transaction size is only $1, so you can begin the path to financial independence even with one dollar in your pocket.

Deposit replenishment

To carry out transactions, you will need to make the first deposit. There are many convenient and reliable payment systems at the disposal of the Pakistani trader. For example, he can replenish his account through a credit card (MasterCard, Maestro, Visa), use an electronic wallet (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney). Besides, he can use the Blockchain and CoinBase, or buy Bitcoin on the site application. The minimal amount of deposit is 10$.


Another security measure for customers. A fraudster cannot hack your account but can find out the passwords from your profile from you. Therefore, the security service carries out a verification procedure when paying a profit. A Pakistani trader must provide documents (passport or driver’s license) to verify identity. The procedure for analyzing documents (once, no more than 36 hours) ensures that the client of the service receives the profit, and not the criminal.

Three hundred assets

Yes, a Pakistani trader gains access to a large number of assets. Each client can choose the tool that he liked. The user has at his disposal popular currencies, currency pairs, cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin), stocks, raw materials, precious metals, etc. You can make money in the area about which you receive the most information.


Moreover, trading can be around the clock. The platform allows you to connect a special program that will automatically analyze probable transactions, offer them to the Pakistani user and choose the ideal expiration time. The robot does not need rest and can work 24/7. The main thing is to choose the right settings.


Knowledge is the key to success, and IQ Option takes care of its customers. Each Pakistani user has access to the information section, which contains advice from professional traders, analyzes of popular strategies and other data. This allows customers to progress and keep abreast.

Demo account

A special option that allows you to train and practice, without the risk of losing money. Each Pakistani user can teach a deposit of 10,000 virtual dollars for trading. Of course, you will not get real profit, but information on transactions is real. So you gain experience, knowledge and can choose the most effective strategy.

Always available

The IQ Option platform does not close its doors to customers. The site works around the clock, so a Pakistani trader can make money at any convenient time (except for the Forex exchange, which is not available on weekends). This means that trading can be a pleasant hobby, bringing additional income after work.

Available everywhere

You are no longer dependent on your computer or laptop thanks to the special IQ Option application. A Pakistani user can download and install the program and start trading in any convenient place. A high-quality application works with all modern iOS and Android devices and ensures stable operation even in conditions of poor Internet connection.


An interesting opportunity to learn their strengths and earn big money. A tournament is an opportunity for a Pakistani client to compete with other traders. The standard ticket price is $ 4-20, and the prize pool reaches $20,000. The task is to get the greatest amount of profit, having $1000 virtual dollars.

Wide range of settings

Trading becomes as comfortable as possible with the IQ Option platform. The site offers users a large number of settings. Each chart can receive additional signals or indicators if the client wants to add them.


The IQ Option service always offers more. If you want to be able to insure transactions, an increased percentage of profit, the right to participate in special tournaments, priority in the payout line and the help of a personal manager, you just need to purchase a premium account.

Create an account and find out how to buy bitcoin in Pakistan
Create an account and find out how to buy bitcoin in Pakistan

A Bitcoin Short History

Today, Bitcoin is the most popular and expensive cryptocurrency available on the market. 

The cost of one coin is $8700-9200. This currency first appeared in 2008. Its developer is a group of Japanese programmers. The main goal was to create a secure, convenient, efficient and secure currency for instant transactions around the world. Therefore, for mining, the SHA-256 hash function was developed that protects the mathematical code from hacking.

Bitcoin is a unique example of a decentralized digital currency created and working only on the Internet. 

Nobody controls it, currency emission occurs through the work of millions of computers around the world using a program for calculating mathematical algorithms. Besides, the transaction from Pakistan to Australia is instant and highly secure. It cannot be tracked, canceled, or frozen without a unique key.

Bitcoin F.A.Q.

What determines the value of Bitcoin?

National currencies were previously provided with gold or silver, now - GDP. Theoretically, you could come to any bank in the country and exchange your paper money for the equivalent in gold and vice versa. Bitcoin is not provided with anything, it is pure mathematics. This means that the hundred value of cryptocurrency No. 1 determines the demand. Users are willing to pay well for convenience, reliability, and security.

Each user can get cryptocurrency using mining. In simple terms, mining is the extraction of cryptocurrency using the capacities of special equipment. For Bitcoin and some other coins, this is the only way to increase emissions. But today, this requires powerful computers, so it’s best to just buy Bitcoin on the IQ Option exchange or in other ways.

IQ Option customers have a unique opportunity to purchase the first cryptocurrency on the site. To do this, you need to take a few simple steps. 1. Visit the official website and log in to your account (or register);2. Synchronize the cryptocurrency wallet with the service (the platform works with Blockchain, CoinBase, Jaxx);3. Open the user menu. Select the “Crypto” section and the “Buy” item;4. Indicate the number of coins purchased;5. Confirm the operation and wait for the transaction to be processed.Also, the user has the opportunity to purchase Bitcoin using the cryptocurrency exchange or special mobile applications.

Under Pakistani law, cryptocurrencies are legal means to pay for services and goods. This means that users can use Bitcoin for trading without fear of breaking local laws. Moreover, IQ Option operates in the legal field, so the use of the service is legal and convenient.

IQ Option Company offers traders to earn big money using cryptocurrency for transactions. There are several main areas for trading. • Call/Put. Everything is simple here - the trader must determine whether the price of Bitcoin is higher (Call) or lower (Put) than the current value. If his forecast is correct after the expiration period, he makes a profit;• Touch/No-Touch. Another popular way to trade. The Pakistani client determines whether the price of the border will touch (Touch) or not (No-touch). In the case of the “Touch” option, the trader can take profit immediately after the conditions are met, without waiting for the expiration date;• In/Out. There are two boundaries here that form the range. It is necessary to understand whether the price of Bitcoin will be inside the range (In) or leave it (Out);• Spread. A way for experienced traders. Because it is necessary to indicate the exact value of Bitcoin after a certain period;• Turbo-options. A type of binary trading, when the expiration date of the contract is less than 5 minutes. It is a high-risk tool (it is impossible to make an accurate forecast), but it offers an excellent percentage of profit;• Digital-options. Here, the expiration time is from several days to a month. This allows you to make an accurate forecast and reduces risks.

Remember that trading is constantly changing, so no strategy guarantees success. You can learn more about the best options by visiting the special section on the IQ Option website. Today, traders prefer these strategies: • Bollinger bands;• Lighting and thunder;• Japanese candle;• Elliot theory;• Fibonacci levels;• Vortex;• RSI.

Instructions on how to become an IQ Option customer

If a user is 18 years old, he can become a client of IQ Option.

  1. Visit the official website;

  2. Click the “Start trading” button;

  3. Indicate the necessary information;

  4. Agree to the rules of the company;

  5. Confirm the registration (via the welcome link or phone code).

The road to success is already open.

Perfect money
The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose