Whereas investing used to be the prerogative of a wealthy investor class, it is not now. With the advent of exceptionally user-friendly online investment platforms, as well as their accessibility (the minimum deposit for a real account is only USD 10), online trading is becoming increasingly accessible to the general population, including Pakistani citizens.

Online trading has popularized the monetary market and made its own practice available to the public. Even if you don't have expert knowledge, you can start gaining trading experience right now from the comfort of your own home!

When picking an asset in which to invest their savings, the smart investor will undoubtedly look at the values of profitable businesses. Because of the global pandemic and its aftermath, the name Pfizer has been known to everybody, even those that are far removed from the pharmaceutical industry.

The US corporation Pfizer Inc. specialises in pharmaceuticals such as Diflucan, Cellebrex and Viagra. The company is almost 170 years old and its growth peaked at the end of the twentieth century, when new and effective products entered the market. The early 19th century saw a succession of mergers and acquisitions, the largest being with the Irish company Allergan. So far, the company had survived on a few successful developments; in the future, it intended to abandon this strategy and invest in biotechnology, for which it had acquired Wyeth. 

Pfizer Pakistan's official website
Pfizer Pakistan's official website

The company's first production facility was opened in Brooklyn in 1849. Initially, the founders produced only one name, a cure for parasites. By 1910. Pfizer became one of the leaders of pharmaceutical industry in the USA. During World War II the corporation produced the main part of medicines, supplied to the front, in particular antibiotics.

Today Pfizer shares are in high demand. The company has a strong scientific base. Researchers at Pfizer regularly create and register new drugs. This allows them to expand production and increase returns on Pfizer stock.

In 1849, Pfizer founders Charles Pfizer and Charles Ehrhardt established the laboratory in Brooklyn, United States. In 1950, the corporation established representative offices in Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom. In 1986, Pfizer stock was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In 1999 rapid growth of production for the first time brought the cost of Pfizer shares to the record point of $47. The corporation is actively working on the development of drugs to fight rare and currently considered untreatable diseases. 

In 2020, Pfizer worked with BioNTech to develop a vaccine against coronavirus, which showed more than 90% efficiency, the drug was purchased in the U.S., UK and Canada. The company's stock price rose several times over. 

Information about Pfizer shares on the platform
Information about Pfizer shares on the platform

 How to invest in Pfizer shares in Pakistan?

You have decided to invest in securities - this means that you cannot do without a broker: according to the law, you cannot trade on an exchange without an intermediary. Transactions can only be concluded by legal entities that have a brokerage license - banks, investment and brokerage companies. To choose a reliable and suitable broker for you, pay attention to the following points:

  •  Examine the documents confirming the reliability of the broker. First of all, check the availability of a license, as well as all the necessary documents that are provided for by current legislation;
  •  Check out the rates. The broker earns commission on the transaction amount, and depending on the tariff, the commission will be different. Brokers can also take a commission for depositing and withdrawing funds, using the trading platform, voice orders to complete a transaction, and so on. Some brokers may have a minimum required commission or subscription fee - guaranteed earnings even in the absence of transactions. The composition of the portfolio, profitability and commission depends on the choice of the tariff. If you are just starting to invest, choose the easiest one.
  •  Check out the online investment platform that the broker offers for work. Check out exactly which tools you will have access to when using this platform. It is also a good bonus for you to have free training on the online platform if you are a beginner.
  •  Check which stock markets the broker works with. Pfizer shares can be bought on the New York Stock Exchange, Frankfurt, Mexico and Argentina. Accordingly, you need to look for a broker who has access to these stock exchanges. 
How to invest in Pfizer shares?
How to invest in Pfizer shares?

Pfizer's net earnings in 2020 is down 41 percent. EPS is $0.42 from the latest financial report, 12.5% below expectations of $0.48 per share. At precisely the exact same time, according to the consensus forecast, EPS is expected to grow by 106 percent by December 2021. Mph (DPS) payments are rising steadily for the last ten years. The payout in 2020 was $1.52. Dividend yield forecast for 2021-2022 is 4.4-4.6% p.a.

The Payout ratio is anticipated to be 46-55percent of net income in the coming years. This is an average value that leaves space for potential future volatility raises.

08.02.2021 The European Commission has approved a new contract with Pfizer and BioNTech for 300 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine to the EU. 200 million doses are expected to be delivered in 2021, with the remainder still under negotiation.

Pfizer and BioNTech will provide an additional 100 million doses in america, bringing the total to 300 million. The US government will pay $1.95bn to the further batch. With expected strong earnings and earnings in 2021, a low forward P/E=10.8 valuation along with a steadily growing dividend cash flow, Pfizer is interesting to consider buying into a dividend portfolio.

CFD trading is also a favorite way of investment when you trade the difference in the price of a stock between the opening and closing times. In other words, you have to be able to forecast the potential growth or drop in the value of stocks in the industry. You're able to produce a gain in this scenario just so long as you properly predict the behavior of the worth of shares. Most online platforms enable you to use the"multiplier" option when deciding upon the kind of CFD trade, with which you may enlarge the spent amount based on the selected multiplier ratio. For traders using a tiny start-up capital, it's helpful to change to short-term trading. When Pfizer's stock quotes grow by a couple of percent, it is logical to close the bargain, await the price to decrease, and just then input into a buy. Additionally, many agents permit you to complete CFD contracts for the expansion and decrease in the value of securities. In cases like this, even a collapse at the markets may bring gain to the investor.

How to buy Pfizer shares?
How to buy Pfizer shares?

 How to buy Pfizer shares in Pakistan?

After reviewing the list of available brokers working in Pakistan through online platforms, choose one of them and register on their online investment platform. As we said above, registration is very simple and takes a few minutes. All you have to do is enter your name and email address in the registration window. After confirming the email address, you will be able to log in and see clearly how online investing works.

Registrating on the investing platform
Registrating on the investing platform

You do not need to immediately open a real account and make real money there. For starters, we strongly recommend opening a free demo account. A demo account is a free trial training account that gives you the opportunity to try out how the investment market works without risking your money. You will be able to use such an account for as long as you like, without restrictions on time and amount. Typically, you will be given a dummy $ 10,000 trial trade to get started, which you can also recover on request, even if it ends due to a failed transaction.

It is clear that you will not be able to withdraw cash from the trial demo account.

How to open an account?
How to open an account?

To activate a real trading account, just top it up for $ 10. You can replenish your account almost instantly using the payment systems listed in the "deposit replenishment" tab. Choose the one that is most convenient for you and make replenishments. Most users choose to top up with a debit or credit card payment. When using payment systems, the top-up time can sometimes take up to five business days.

You can withdraw funds from the account using the same payment systems through which the deposit was replenished. But when withdrawing funds, you will be forced to undergo additional verification on the platform for security purposes. Each platform provides a list of documents that must be scanned for such verification. State-of-the-art platforms with a high level of protection may require access to your gadget's camcorder and require photo verification.

Payment methods for investment
Payment methods for investment

 Is it worth investing in Pfizer shares?

So, as we can see, investing is a whole science that requires a potential investor to understand certain patterns and processes, as well as requires constant training and deepening of knowledge. If you persistently study such processes, follow market trends, the behavior of certain companies, over time you will learn to analyze and forecast possible growth or decline in the value of the company's assets. This will allow you to make successful investments and grow professionally as a trader.

Pfizer is one of the most interesting companies in the world for investing. The price of its assets is constantly rising, as are markets.  Pfizer's stock chart could move up several months in a row.

Pfizer investing platform
Pfizer investing platform

Pfizer pays high dividend payments. Every 3 months, investors receive more than 1% of the nominal value of securities.

The giant pharmaceutical company is virtually independent of the state of the world economy. Even during crises, people continue to buy medicines. The level of sales of the corporation is not strongly tied to world GDP growth.

Therefore, we recommend that you try to invest in Pfizer in Pakistan and experience all the benefits of investing in a successful company.

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